Xbox Outage: Users Can’t Access Madden or Their Entire Game Libraries

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Madden NFL 18

Imagine coming home from a long day at work, excited to load up and play the G.O.A.T Edition of Madden 18 on Xbox One, only to find the game doesn’t load and the other games on your console won’t load, either.

You don’t need to imagine as that is currently the harsh reality for many Xbox One users who pre-ordered the G.O.A.T edition of Madden 18.

The official Xbox Support site states Xbox Live Core Services, and Purchase and Content Usage are “limited” – making no mention of Madden. However, the Xbox Support Twitter states the problem is Madden related, a fact backed up by the onslaught of tweets regarding the issue.

This is a particularly cruel twist of fate as those affected are the most die-hard Madden fans, paying $79.99 for Ultimate Team bonuses and for the ability to play the newest Madden several days early – and now cannot access either.

And in many cases, the rest of their gaming library too – meaning, in essence, they paid ten dollars extra to have a game brick their console’s game playing ability.

Talk about a personal foul.

Xbox is offering SMS updates on the issue, and EA stated they’re looking into problems with G.O.A.T Edition codes – and this story will be updated as more information becomes available.

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