WWE ‘Monday Night Raw’ Videos: Best Clips From May 22nd’s Show


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Bray Wyatt on ‘Monday Night Raw.’ (WWE.com)

Tonight on Monday Night Raw, it was the second-to-last show prior to Extreme Rules, and a few interesting matchups took place, many of which have now been posted on the WWE’s YouTube account.

Raw tonight opened with Bray Wyatt, who declared that he is the savior and that he is going to take out Brock Lesnar, the Beast, at Great Balls of Fire after becoming the number one contender at Extreme Rules. Roman Reigns then entered and told Bray Wyatt that this is his yard and that he’ll be the one to take out Lesnar.

This lead to a match between Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns, which Roman Reigns won by disqualification after Samoa Joe interfered.

Soon after, a Cruiserweight division match took place, with Akira Tozawa defeating Ariya Daivari.

A little over a half hour into the show, Elias Samson, also known as The Drifter, continued to wander around backstage playing his guitar. This finally caught the attention of Kurt Angle, who decided to book Samson in a match against Dean Ambrose. Samson ultimately emerged victorious, but only because The Miz interfered and attacked Samson so that Samson would win via disqualification.

In a backstage segment, Big Cass was shocked to find Enzo Amore lying on the floor passed out. Enzo Amore soon came to and revealed that he had been attacked by someone, but he did not see who it was. The identity of this mysterious attacker was not revealed on tonight’s Raw, though in the background of a segment, we can see The Revival walking by as if they are fleeing the scene.

Finn Balor in a promo segment then talked about the fact that he’s going to win the fatal five-way match at Extreme Rules and go after Brock Lesnar, winning back the championship that he never lost in the first place. Paul Heyman entered and was surprisingly complimentary, saying that Balor is the best in-ring performer on Raw but that he still won’t be able to slay The Beast.

After Finn Balor’s promo, he took on Karl Anderson in a match and emerged victorious.

Next up, Sasha Banks defeated Alicia Fox in a very brief match, virtually the entire length of which fits in the WWE’s YouTube clip.

After betraying R. Truth, Goldust addressed the WWE universe in a pre-taped segment tonight, saying that R. Truth’s light is flickering and he’s desperately holding on to another chance to shine.

The next match was one between Kalisto and Apollo Crews in which Kalisto was the victor. This came after Kalisto clashed with Apollo Crews and Titus O’Neil backstage and Titus tried to get Kalisto to join the Titus brand.

Soon, Matt Hardy defeated Sheamus in a match. It had been announced that whoever won this match would get to determine what is the stipulation for the Raw Tag Team Championship match at Extreme Rules, and since Matt Hardy won, he decided to make this a steel cage match.

Then, in another cruiserweight match, Austin Aries defeated Tony Nese.

Afterwards, Alexa Bliss faced Mickie James in a match, with Bliss defeating James. After the match, Bliss grabbed a kendo stick and started brutalizing Mickie James, but Bayley ran out and came to James’ aid; this sent Alexa Bliss fleeing.

Finally, in the show’s main event, Bray Wyatt and Samoa Joe defeated Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. After the match ended, Finn Balor entered Kurt Angle’s office and said that he wants a match against one of these four men next week. Angle decided that next week, it will be Finn Balor vs. Samoa Joe vs. Bray Wyatt in a triple threat. Also, Angle said that there will be a match between Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns.

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