WWE: Has American Alpha Broken Up After Jason Jordan Reveal?


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Jason Jordan and Chad Gable with the SmackDown Live Tag Team Championship.

Tonight on Monday Night Raw, yet another tag team seems to have broken up: American Alpha.

After weeks of teasing a major announcement, Kurt Angle said this week on Raw that Jason Jordan is actually his son. Angle explained that he dated a woman in college who, unbeknownst to him, gave birth to a child several decades ago. This child, Angle has now found out, is Jason Jordan, within kayfabe of course.

As part of this announcement, Kurt Angle also said that Jason Jordan is the newest member of Monday Night Raw. Notably not drafted to raw was Chad Gable, who is still a member of the SmackDown Live roster.

It’s still possible that Gable could be drafted to Raw too, but all signs are pointing towards American Alpha being broken up now. After all, the WWE seems to have been preparing for this Jordan reveal for a few weeks, with Chad Gable engaging in single’s competition recently. Most notably, on June 20th, Chad Gable earned a shot at the United States Championship. This came after Kevin Owens issued an open challenge to any residents of Dayton, Ohio, and Gable claimed that he literally just moved to Dayton and therefore is eligible.

Chad Gable and Jason Jordan actually haven’t had a match together as American Alpha since all the way back in April. They have continued to perform together at house shows and in dark matches since then, but American Alpha as a group has had no presence on broadcast WWE content for three months now.

When Chad Gable started getting single’s matches and Jason Jordan was mysteriously absent on SmackDown Live, a lot of fans observed that Gable seemed to be getting a major push while Jordan was being left in the dust. Now, it seems that they are both getting major pushes, only with Gable’s occurring on SmackDown Live and Jordan’s occurring on Raw.

Shortly after this segment aired on Monday Night Raw, Chad Gable reacted on Twitter with pure confusion. We’ll likely hear more from him tomorrow on SmackDown Live.