Why Was WWE ‘Talking Smack’ Canceled?


The WWE SmackDown Live weekly after show Talking Smack has been canceled, PWInsider reported on Friday. This was a surprising decision, as Talking Smack was a beloved program that many fans looked forward to every week, so what exactly happened?

Talking Smack was canceled primarily due to low viewership. In a statement to PWInsider, WWE said that they frequently reassess their lineup based on a variety of factors “including viewership and subscriber research.”

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer gave a simple answer on Friday when asked why the show was canceled: there just weren’t enough people watching it.

However, Talking Smack is not going away entirely. Rather, the WWE says that it will continue airing after SmackDown Live pay-per-views, similar to the way that Raw Talk currently airs just after Raw pay-per-views but not after the weekly episodes of Raw.