Who Won ‘The Bachelor’ 2018 Tonight? – The Finale Recap


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Who won on tonight’s episode of The Bachelor 2018? Before we reveal the major spoilers about the outcome of the show, THIS IS YOUR SPOILER WARNING. Stop reading now if you don’t want to know what happened with Luyendyk and the show’s winner, along with the emotional play by play of the episode.

Arriving at the finale, Becca Kufrin described her relationship with Luyendyk as two pieces of a puzzle. She said that all the qualities he has is what she would want in a man and a husband. Standing in front of Luyendyk, Kufrin told him that since their first conversation, he has made her feel comfortable. She described their relationship as easy and she commended him for allowing her to be vulnerable. She also said that she doesn’t want to ever stop loving him.

Luyendyk started to tear up and told her that he always knew she was an incredible woman. He said the thing that has always stood out with her is that he and she “are a team”. He said that his love for her is “immeasurable”. With that, he got down on one knee and told her that he thought about growing old with her. He said, “I choose you today and I choose you every day from here on out.” Kufrin nervously accepted the proposal with relief and excitement. Luyendyk then asked Kufrin when they’re going to start having babies. Kufrin coyly replied with, “Tonight?”, and some laughter.

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After the final day in Peru, Luyendyk tells the cameras that the time he’s spent with Kufrin since the show has been good and he said that she is nurturing. He said she would fit so well in his life and they talked about moving to Arizona together. Then, there’s a turn in the mood as Luyendyk said he was constantly thinking about Burnham. He said that Kufrin knew he was also thinking about Burnham. Luyendyk said he thought the feelings of the break up would go away and he then revealed he has a ton of guilt with Kufrin because he was only “half in” the relationship.

Luyendyk then says that he had to follow his heart and risk it all for Burnham because he “made a mistake.” He tells the cameras he decided to call off the engagement. Luyendyk then sat down with host Chris Harrison and said that he made this decision because he is in love with Burnham. At this point he was struggling with how to tell Kufrin, who was expecting a “happy couple weekend” with Luyendyk at a house in California. She clearly was unaware of Luyendyk’s doubts, telling the cameras that she was so excited to see him. In studio viewers began to boo when watching Luyendyk’s decision start to play out on the show.

Before breaking the news to Kufrin, Luyendyk tells the cameras that he feels terrible and that Kufrin’s the kind of woman he’s dreamt of being with, but that his heart just isn’t in it. When Luyendyk enters the house, he gives Kufrin a huge hug and tells her he needs to talk to her. Kufrin then said that he was making her really nervous. Luyendyk starts by saying that the last few times they were hanging out, he was trying to sort out his feelings and the reality is that he still thinks about Burnham. He also said that, the more he hung out with Kufrin, the bigger chance he had at losing the chance to be with Burnham. He then tells Kufrin that wants to see if he can be with Burnham.

Kufrin’s initial response is, “Are you fucking kidding me?” Luyendyk then said he had to follow his heart. Clearly, he had been in communication with Burnham, because Kufrin asked him if he realized this when he spoke with Burnham. Kufrin then asked Luyendyk if he was going to be “half in it” with Burnham too. Kufrin then says that Luyendyk told her that he couldn’t see a future with Burnham. Luyendyk’s reply is that “logically” he and Kufrin make the most sense. Kufrin then told Luyendyk that she doesn’t even know what to say.

Kufrin then started to ask Luyendyk what she did wrong and he tried to assure her that she did nothing wrong. He then said that he kept pushing back his feelings for Burnham, trying to make it work with Kufrin. Her response is that it’s embarrassing. Luyendyk said that he wanted to talk to her before the After the Final Rose special to avoid even more embarrassment. Kufrin then said he should have never gotten down on one knee and his response was that he’d thought a lot about this change of decision. Reluctantly, Kufrin tells Luyendyk that she hopes he finds what he wants because it’s clearly not her. He offers no hugs or consoles her.

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Getting up from the couch, Kufrin then said, “Okay. I’m done.” She goes into the bedroom and starts to pack up her suitcase as Luyendyk follows her into the room. She then tells Luyendyk that she isn’t going to hug him goodbye. He says that he feels there’s so much more to say and she says it doesn’t matter. Kufrin then told Luyendyk that what he was doing was just a “really shitting thing” and she ends up telling Luyendyk to go. Kufrin then turned and walked away, into a bathroom, as Luyendyk slowly walked away from her and out of the house. Kufrin is then heard crying in the bathroom as Luyendyk stands outside the house. He then decided to return and finds Kufrin in the bathroom. He knocked on the door and asked her if she’s okay. She tells him to leave and attempts to steer clear of him. Luyendyk then sat down on the couch in the living room.

With a hoarse voice, Kufrin came out and said that she had nothing to say. Through sobs, she tried to make out more words and stopped to take deep breaths. Kufrin again tells the cameras that it’s so embarrassing and she thought they had a future. When Luyendyk asks her to talk for a few minutes, she told him not to touch her and said that she didn’t know what else he could say since she’s not the one for him. Luyendyk had no tears, but told Kufrin that he was sorry. Kufrin said that she felt like her future was just ripped away and that she loved him. She said she just couldn’t imagine her life without him. Luyendyk said that he wanted those things too, but that he just can’t give them to her if he’s in love with someone else. He also said that he wanted to handle the break up this way, in person, so that she would be able to move forward. Kufrin’s response was, “Well you finally saw me cry.”

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At the end of the conversation, Kufrin pleaded with Luyendyk to “just go”. She no longer was wearing her Neil Lane engagement ring and she said to him that she could no longer look at him. Luyendyk appeared to not be satisfied with the way this was ending, but he slowly got up and left, as Kufrin stayed behind, crying on the couch. Kufrin gets up, takes off her mic and heads back to the bathroom.

The cameras then show Kufrin live in the studio with Chris Harrison and the audience members applauded with support of the broken-hearted winner. Kufrin called watching the finale “brutal”. She said when the break up happened that she pretty much blacked out. Kufrin then revealed that she hadn’t heard from Luyendyk since that day. She said that she stayed in Los Angeles for a few days after the break up, grieving the loss of the relationship. Kufrin then tells Harrison that she felt betrayed and lied to, but that she’s had a ton of questions for Luyendyk. At the same time, she wonders if she will even get a real answer from Luyendyk.

Tomorrow night, Luyendyk and Kufrin will come face-to-face live on the After the Final Rose special. The two-hour special will air at 8 p.m. ET/PT.