When Does ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Return?


When does Fear the Walking Dead return?AMC/Fear the Walking Dead

When does Fear the Walking Dead return?

Fear the Walking Dead is airing its midseason finale tonight and then getting ready for a hiatus. The show typically takes a short break during the summer, but then returns to finish the season before The Walking Dead comes back.

Although AMC hasn’t yet released the exact date that Fear the Walking Dead will be back, as of the time of publication, we can make some guesses based on the past and what we know about The Walking Dead‘s return. It looks like Fear will be returning in late August or early September.

The Walking Dead always starts its new season in October, typically around the middle of the month. Tonight, episodes 7 and 8 of Fear are airing, leaving eight more episodes to air in the 16-episode season.

Last season, Fear the Walking Dead premiered a little earlier than it did this season, on April 10. (This season premiered on June 4.) This means it had a longer break between the midseason finale on May 22 and the return on August 21. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Fear will be returning later than it did last year. Instead, it is more likely that AMC just wanted a shorter midseason break in 2017.

Because The Walking Dead is likely returning around the same time as it did last year, it’s likely that Fear will return around the same time too — in August.

If TWD returns on October 15, for example, then the latest that Fear could return and still end before TWD would be August 20, if it only airs one episode every Sunday. However, if Fear plans a two-episode premiere and a two-episode finale, like it did for the first half of the season, it could delay its return until September.

There’s one thing that could throw a wrench in Fear’s schedule. Some fans have wondered if Game of Thrones, which also airs on Sunday nights, might influence Fear‘s return. This season, Game of Thrones is seven episodes long and it begins next Sunday, July 16. The season will conclude on August 27. If AMC wants to avoid direct competition with HBO, they might wait to return Fear until September, and air back-to-back episodes on some Sundays to catch up, or just start The Walking Dead a little later than normal.

We’ll update this story when more information is available.