When Do Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas Movies Begin in 2017?


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Countdown to Christmas 2017

Tonight, Hallmark fans get to see a special preview of the 2017 Countdown to Christmas movies with a special Christmas in July movie called The Christmas Cure. But this is only getting us more excited about all the wonderful Hallmark Christmas movies coming this winter. When will they begin?

Well, we have some great news. The Countdown to Christmas original Hallmark movies are beginning on Saturday, October 28. 

Hallmark has a handy countdown timer on its website so you can know exactly when the movies are starting.And this year, Hallmark and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries will have a total of 33 new Christmas movies for us to watch!

This is definitely in line with when Hallmark has started its Christmas movies in previous years. Last year, in 2016, Hallmark began its Christmas movies on Saturday, October 29 and they ran through January 1. In 2015, the Countdown to Christmas movies began on Saturday, November 1.

Check out what some people are excitedly saying online about the Hallmark Christmas movies.

Some people feel that Christmas may be coming a little too fast:

And some husbands are just a little bit upset:

But most of us are pretty excited.

How do you feel? Are you excited about the new Hallmark Christmas movies? Let us know in  the comments below.