What Do Skull Clouds Mean in Sea of Thieves?


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Whether you are enjoying Sea of Thieves for yourself or watching streamers enjoy it on Twitch, you might have come across a cloud in the form of a skull over an island. Just what are these skull clouds? Read on to find out.

During your adventures at seas you may notice a cloud formation in the form of a skull and while that spells doom for many adventures, it’s actually something you want to check out in Sea of Thieves. They are actually called Cursed Islands and they are one of two world events to be found in Sea of Thieves.

If you see a skull cloud forming in the distance, turn your ship around and head towards it if you want to kill hordes of skeletons and collect loot. Once you make it to shore, be prepared to find waves of skeletons so make sure you bring a Blunderbuss and a stockpile of bananas if you want to make things easier for you.

There are even different types of skeletons that you’ll come across included regular white ones, stronger blue ones and really powerful gold ones. Once you defeat a wave a loud horn will signal the arrival of a new wave so there’s little downtime and lot of action.

A good tip would be to leave somebody on the boat firing cannons so they can maximize damage. Skeletons are not a big fan of being hit by cannonballs so make sure you don’t miss. These islands usually have a barrel for ammo along with some bananas so all isn’t lost when you run out of ammo and healing food.

Eventually the Captain of the skeletons will come out and you’ll have to finish him off to officially complete the island. He will drop the key to open up the treasure room so don’t roam too far away from him after he’s defeated.

By finishing off all the waves of skeletons you will gain access to the locked cave via the Stronghold Key and the loot is free for you to plunder. If you show up with a full crew this should be doable but showing up solo will be very hard and practically near impossible. There’s a lot of loot to pick up upon completion so you’ll probably want at least one other person to help you loot the place.

Another world event is available and that’s fighting off the Kraken. The Kraken is a terrifying deep sea creature but that’s a different story for another day.

Sea of Thieves releases March 20 for Xbox One and PC. The game is an Xbox Play Anywhere title meaning a digital copy on Xbox One will also get you a copy on PC and vice-versa. For more Sea of Thieves guides and news make sure to check out the rest of our gaming coverage.

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