WATCH: Shopkeeper Gets Harassed by ‘Disabled Vet’ Who Let Dogs Pee on Her Products

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A woman participating in a street market was harassed by another woman claiming to be a disabled air force veteran suffering from PTSD, who let her dogs pee on the shopkeeper’s stand. The video was shared on YouTube by a “Paul Martin,” who wrote about the incident:

This happened at an arts/crafts show last Saturday. I started recording as soon as I heard the commotion. Apparently the woman with the dogs allowed one (or both) of them to pee in the shopkeeper’s space, and it got on some of the product. The shopkeeper went after the woman to rightfully complain, and the woman then followed her back to her booth screaming about having PTSD and being a 30 year vet. Because apparently that excuses not training your dogs? And then when some other people stepped in to tell her that maybe it’s not ok to rip into someone else because your dogs misbehave, she decides to lay into them as well.

The video begins with the alleged veteran yelling at the shopkeeper as she scrambles to remove items away from the dogs.

“Please, go bye, go home! This is my home!” the woman with the dogs yells at the shopkeeper, uncomfortably close. “I wish they would’ve pissed all over everything…” She then informs the shopkeeper that she spent thirty years in the air force before walking away with her dogs.

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After the alleged veteran leaves, people rush up to the shopkeeper to ask her what happened. She tells her fellow shopkeepers that the dogs have peed “all over” her stuff.

The woman with the dogs then comes rushing back to yellow at the shopkeeper some more, plus the others who came to help. “Go to hell!” she tells them.

Eventually, she walks off.

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