WATCH: Runaway Boat on Indiana Lake Crashes, Injuring 10 People



A runaway boat caused property damage and injured 10 people on Lake Gage in Indiana on July 15.

Ten people were injured after they were thrown from an out-of-control boat on July 15. After all passengers were thrown off the boat, it continued around the lake at a high speed and caused property damage and more injuries.

Dominique Effinger, 20, was driving the boat when it took a “violent turn” and threw all 10 people on board off of it and into the lake, conservation officers told WTHR 13.

Two people were flown to a nearby hospital with severe injuries including a fractured skull and a partial arm amputation. Authorities say that four out of the 10 injuries are considered “serious” or “near-fatal.”

Officers said that alcohol appeared to play a factor in the incident, and Effinger was arrested for boating while intoxicated and causing injury as well as being a minor in possession of alcohol.

The boat was traveling at around 30 m.p.h. when it threw the passengers off and pushed forward at that pace. Conservation Officer Jake Carlile said the boat was eventually stopped after he threw a rope from his patrol boat onto the runaway boat’s propeller. The move helped slow the boat to the point where Carlile could jump on and turn off the motor to an applause by onlookers on shore.

In the video footage, the boat is seen racing around in circles as officers try to corral it. The boat strikes a pier before striking a boat.

“Oh my God,” the male recording the video said.

Watch the video of the incident below: