WATCH: Journalist Attacked at G20 “Welcome to Hell” Protest (GoPro first person perspective POV)


A video contributor, Marcus DiPaola, was on the scene when a few men attacked him while he was recording the G20 protests.

“I was confused. The right side of my face hurt,” DiPaola said after covering the protests in downtown Hamburg. “I was kneeling on the ground and a guy said he’d piss on me, then kicked me out of my kneeling position and on to my side.”

One man in particular, seen in a blue shirt in the video, kept calling DiPaola a Nazi, and continued to harass him while others in the crowd decided to step in and push the man away. DiPaola was already on the ground when others joined the man in the blue shirt and continued to hit him.

DiPaola left the scene with scrapes and a few bruises, but was aware that the G20 Summit had brought a lot of tension in Hamburg.

The G20 Summit hosted by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, is making climate change and migration some of the main subjects of the event, and making tensions rise all over the city and the world. Leaders of the world’s top 20 emerging economies are gathered, including President Donald Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin, and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The G20 group accounts for 85 percent of the world’s GDP and two-thirds of it’s population. Most G20 business takes place in informal meetings, and 17 years ago when the summit started only finance ministers and central bank governors were in attendance.

Now that politicians from around the world will hold meetings to decide who will be the next global economic leader.