‘The Fosters’ Chasing Waterfalls Spoilers 8/22/2017

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Tonight’s episode of The Fosters is gearing up to be a dramatic one.

Callie and Aaron’s relationship will soar to new heights in “Chasing Waterfalls”. In a recent interview with TV Line,  actor Elliot Fletcher, who plays Callie’s love interest, Aaron, said of the couple: “They reach a new level of comfort being alone together on this hike, and seeing these beautiful things. They have maybe an awakening together.” As all this is going on, Lena’s parents will also be coming to visit.

Last week, in Welcome to the Jungler, Callie continued her march into campus free-speech politics, which had somewhat of a negative impact on her relationship with Aaron. Callie tried her best not to out Aaron after he was accused of showing off his white male privilege, but she ended up digging herself into a hole and Aaron took offense to what Callie said. Noah also dealt with a fair share of bad-mouthing when he was introduced to a homophobic gamer.

Tonight, Callie and Aaron will embark on a nature hike where they get to learn more about one another. Fletcher dishes that his character will ask Callie questions she’s never been asked before. The actor explains to the outlet, “Aaron asks her all these questions that I don’t think she’s ever been asked before, because he genuinely wants to know the answer to make her more comfortable. She acknowledges that in Aaron. She sees how much he does try to make her feel like she can be authentically herself around him. And I think Aaron feels the same [way] about Callie, because Callie doesn’t treat him any differently than he should be treated.”

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TV Guide also sat down with Fletcher to discuss how the couple was able to get through the rough patch in their relationship. Asked what’s changed in their relationship that has allowed them to discuss bringing their romance to the next level, Fletcher said, “They’ve obviously spent a lot more time together. I think they definitely talked about it more… They’re two very open people about what they want and what they don’t want, what makes them comfortable and what doesn’t make them comfortable. They’re willing to have the seemingly awkward conversations. They’re both mature in that department and they’ve both been through a lot with that. I think they’re not really afraid to talk to one another about that.”

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