‘The Bachelor’ 2018 Proposal: See the Neil Lane Diamond Engagement Ring


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Before we get into all the spoilers on tonight’s finale episode of The Bachelor 2018, this serves as your warning for MAJOR SPOILERS. So, STOP READING if you do not want to know who Arie Luyendyk Jr. ends up with on season 22 of the show.

On tonight’s finale episode, Luyendyk sat down with famous jewelry designer Neil Lane to pick out his intended future wife’s ring. When Luyendyk sat down with Neil Lane, he decided to pick a cushion-cut diamond ring for the engagement, telling Lane that it’s definitely the ring for her. Luyendyk also told him that this was a 5-year love story in the making and he’s waited a long time for this moment. According to Us Weekly, Luyendyk’s choice of ring is a 4-carat platinum-set diamond ring worth $80,000.

After the proposal, on the finale, Kufrin tells the cameras that Luyendyk did a very good job with the ring selection. She then laughs and genuinely smiles, exclaiming, “It’s huge!” But, when Kufrin had to go through the break up with Luyendyk, she was not wearing the ring.

Jewelry designer Lane once told USA Today:

I make these rings with love and compassion, and really hoping that these people stay together. And, what happens afterwards? I don’t know. If they break up, the ring, it goes to ring heaven. There are a bunch of rings in ring heaven and God is watching them — and probably trying them on!

For many, many seasons, Lane has designed the rings for the Bachelor franchise, but, according to Radar Online, engagement rings on the show contractually belong to the show. So, if the engagement does not work out within two years, the rings reportedly have to go back to ABC. Bustle has reported that if the break up occurs after two years and the couple decides to sell it, ABC gets the first chance to buy it back.

Neil Lane Engagement Rings, The Bachelor Engagement Ring, The Bachelor Wedding Ring, The Bachelor 2018 Engagement Ring


Now it’s time to let viewers in on a big secret. Luyendyk proposes to Becca Kufrin, but ends up breaking off the engagement after the finale, in order to be with the runner-up, Lauren Burnham. Reality Steve has reported that Luyendyk and Burnham are currently dating. This means that Kufrin’s engagement ring probably had to be given back to ABC. Ouch.

After the finale, Luyendyk told the cameras that the time he’d spent with Kufrin since the show ended had been good and he said that she is very nurturing. Luyendyk had tons of kind things to say about her. He said she would fit so well in his life and that they had even talked about moving to Arizona together. Then, of course, Luyendyk said he couldn’t stop thinking about Burnham. He said that Kufrin knew he was also struggling with getting over Burnham, but she clearly didn’t know to what extent Luyendyk had lingering feelings. Luyendyk said he thought the feelings of his break up with Burnham would go away, but they hadn’t. He then said that he has a ton of guilt in being with Kufrin because he was only “half in” the relationship. Luyendyk then ultimately said that he had to follow his heart and risk it all for Burnham because he “made a mistake.”