Overwatch: Here’s a Breakdown of the New Mercy Changes

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Mercy is perhaps one of, if not the most popular hero in developer Blizzard’s multiplayer title Overwatch. The powerful Support hero was known for her single target healing and ability to resurrect an entire team. However, this quickly began to cause problems as many players would be told to simply go hide and wait, not allowing them to partake in battles unless they were going to bring back their entire team. This has been a long standing problem with her character and Blizzard has finally decided to change it.

Instead of simply buffering or altering her current abilities, Mercy got a complete reworking of her kit. This was meant to not only allow her to participate more, but help her become more of a temp character rather than a reset button for a team fight. D.Va and Reinhardt also received a few changes which are detailed in the new PTR (Public Test Realm) patch notes here. Remember these abilities can be altered before her final release, so cooldowns and even whole traits can be changed.

Here is all the Mercy Change currently live in the Overwatch PTR:

  • Caduceus Staff: No changes made.


  • Caduceus Blaster: No changes made


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  • Guardian Angel: No changes made


  • Resurrect: This is no longer an ultimate ability, as it has been mapped to the E key now. Resurrect can now only bring back one person and is on a 30-second cooldown. You must be within 5 meters of the target to work and you are no longer invulnerable when you resurrect a person.


  • Ultimate – Valkyrie: When activated Mercy gains the ability to fly around the map without any hindrance or need to fly to specific people. Her Resurrect is changed from a 30-second cooldown to a 10-second cooldown. The Caduceus Blaster will have unlimited ammo and her Healing/Damage beam now chains to multiple allies when used. Her passive ability to regen health is no longer interrupted by damage and her Guardian Angel has increased movement speed and range. This ultimate lasts for 20 seconds.

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