North Korean Missile Launch: What Path Did it Take?

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A North Korea Scud-B missile (C) is displayed at the Korea War Memorial Museum on August 26, 2017 in Seoul, South Korea.

North Korea has fired an unidentified projectile which flew over Japan, United States officials told CNN.

South Korea’s Joint Chiefs issued a statement saying the “unidentified projectile” was launched from an area near Sunan, Pyongyang and worked its way toward the east side of the Korean Peninsula, and officials from the country are holding an emergency meeting.

Japanese officials told CNN’s Will Ripley that the “missile” flew over Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido, separated into three parts and flew down into the water.

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See the approximate path the missile took below:

Other U.S. officials told CNN that spy satellites observing North Korea took note that the country was prepping for a ballistic missile test that had the potential to reach Guam, however details are still filtering in.

Tensions have continued to mount in the area, and the most recent launch comes just three days after North Korea launched three separate missiles in response to the South Korean and U.S. military performing annual military exercises. The U.S. Pacific Command found in its inital assessment of the launches that the first and third missiles failed in flight after flying about 250 kilometers to the northeast.

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