Madden 18 Longshot Mode: How Many Endings Are There?

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Fans of Madden’s new Longshot mode will be curious to know there is more than one possible ending to the story. Your decisions and play impact Devin Wade’s draft stock.

There are a total of three endings to the Longshot Story Mode. Be advised, if you have not finished the mode there will be spoilers ahead as we discuss all three endings. If you do not want to know the endings, please do not read any further, but you can check out our spoiler-free overview of Longshot here.

The above video shows all three possible endings, which appears to be the limit of possibilities for conclusions to the story. The main story is the same in all three scenarios. Wade is trying to make the NFL, but is a “longshot” after quitting the football team at the University of Texas. After the death of his father, he stepped away from football and joined the Army. Wade faces an uphill battle in making the NFL after a few years away from football.

Longshot has a main ending (Wade gets drafted) along with two alternates (Wade goes undrafted). Here’s a look at all three endings.

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Devin Wade Is Drafted in the Seventh Round by His Favorite Team

It looks like the best-case scenario, regardless of your performance in the football drills throughout the game, is Wade being a seventh round pick. All three endings center around Day 3 of the NFL Draft. Day 3 features rounds four through seven, and is the final day for a player to be drafted.

In the main ending, Colt Cruise does not get drafted while Wade gets selected at pick 250 by his favorite team. As the credits note after the story is over, Cruise continues to play music, but is staying in shape in case an NFL team calls.

Colt Cruise Gets Drafted While Devin Wade Later Signs With the Same Team as an Undrafted Free Agent

The alternate scenario has Wade watching as his best friend gets drafted. In the second ending, Cruise gets a call from an NFL team. Both are expecting the call to be for Wade, but the team wants to talk to Cruise.

Cruise ends up getting drafted in the sixth round while Wade watches the rest of the draft without getting selected. Wade gets a call from Dan Marino presenting two choices. He can sign with his favorite team as an undrafted rookie, or sign with the team that drafted Cruise. Choosing the same team as Cruise allows Wade to celebrate with his best friend.

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Colt Cruise Gets Drafted & Devin Wade Signs With a Different Team Within the Division After the Draft

The third scenario is very similar to the second one. Just like the ending above, Cruise gets drafted while Wade goes undrafted. The only difference is Wade decides to sign with his favorite team rather than joining Cruise. Wade also has the option of telling Cruise the truth about not joining him, or telling him he only had one offer.

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