Kelly Clarkson’s Team on ‘The Voice’: Meet Her 12 Contestants In the Battle Rounds


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Photo by: Colleen Hayes – NBC

Season 14 of The Voice enters the battle rounds tonight and Kelly Clarkson’s team is made up of 12 contestants out of the 48 artists participating in the competition. Clarkson has brought singer and actress Hailee Steinfeld on board as an adviser this season as she coaches each contestant into being the best they can be for their performances. Get to know more about each of the contestants on Clarkson’s team below.

Teana Boston

For her blind audition on the show, Boston performed the song “Unfaithful” by Rihanna. According to her NBC bio, Boston believes it is important to empower the African-American community with “uplifting music.” NBC reports that Boston is active in “her school’s black student union aimed to empower, educate, tutor and uplift students of color.”

Alexa Cappelli

There was no doubt that Cappelli would go with Clarkson if she turned around her chair for her audition because Clarkson is her idol. According to Cappelli’s NBC bio, she has made quite an impact on her community. NBC states, “Alexa’s younger brother passed away from Hypoplastic left heart syndrome when he was just 32 hours old, and her family created a non-profit organization in his memory to provide essentials for families with seriously ill children.”

Brynn Cartelli

Singer Brynn Cartelli is only 14 years old and she already is a force to be reckoned with on The Voice. She is currently juggling a busy school schedule, while also playing lacrosse, but she has a great passion for singing.

Jorge Eduardo

One contestant who is no stranger to The Voice, was a contestant on the Mexican version of the show and that’s Jorge Eduardo. Music is in his blood, as his father is a Latin Grammy-nominated singer.

Jackie Foster

Jackie Foster has made some waves as part of the alternative rock band Self Portraits and now, she too would like to take on the singing competition as a solo artist. Berklee actually offered Foster a four-year scholarship, which is where she became the lead singer of her band.

Hannah Goebel

Goebel is a gifted singer, but she also has ADHD and a vision disorder called convergence insufficiency, which makes it difficult for her eyes to focus. In addition to singing, Goebel also writes music.

Dylan Hartigan

Dylan Hartigan has had some acting gigs growing up, starring in a 1-800-FLOWERS commercial, along with playing Nicole Kidman’s son in The Stepford Wives. Now, he’s hoping to show off his vocals.


Jamella, whose mother works in entertainment as a JLo impersonator in Las Vegas, Nevada, has music in her blood. When Jamella’s mother realized her daughter had a talent for singing, they moved to Los Angeles and struck up a development deal with Timbaland’s manager. Unfortunately, Jamella’s music was not released before the deal came to an end.

Justin Kilgore

Justin Kilgore grew up in a small town and felt he needed to hide his sexuality. Becoming a male cheerleader in school didn’t make this easy. His love is country music and he’s been discouraged a time or two, but now he’s hoping that his luck will change. On the show, Kilgore said that, “I’ve never been out of the closet when I did country music. The Voice is the first opportunity that I have to be my myself in my entire life.” Kilgore performed Chris Young’s “Tomorrow” for his blind audition on the show.

D.R. King

Another possibly familiar face on the show this season is D.R. King, who has a singing residency in a popular Harlem establishment, Red Rooster. For his blind audition this season, he performed the song “Believer.”

Amber Sauer

Amber Sauer has quite the backstory. According to her NBC bio, “At a young age, Amber found out she was adopted. At 21, Amber decided to connect with her biological family and found out they had musical talent as singers. In 2009, Amber was diagnosed with cervical cancer but miraculously treated it through surgery. Months later she was hospitalized with an autoimmune disease called sarcoidosis. These health scares prompted Amber to move to Los Angeles once she was well and chase her dreams.” Sauer has overcome so much and hopes to become a success as a solo artist.

Molly Stevens

Molly Stevens was inspired by her family, singing on her grandfather’s radio and TV show for many years. Her grandfather is Jimmy Waters, a well-known Baptist preacher. Years later, Stevens came out as gay and today she is happily engaged.