JonTron Is Back With State of Channel & New Video

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JonTron is back with an update on his channel and a new video.

JonTron, aka Jon Jafari, released a video discussing the state of his channel. He said that while he was away, he created three different videos which he hasn’t released. However, every time he tried making a video he was dissatisfied with it. He said that he’s been doing the same format for the past six or seven years and he fells that it’s been too narrow. He wants to branch out to more things. He said that his content takes a lot of time, resources, and coordination and that has prevented him from doing other things.

I’m not going anywhere but I’m letting you know that I will be breaking away from that formula a little bit and I’ll be just sort of doing things that I think are funny and hopefully you’ll think they’re funny.

Ultimately I just want to keep you guys entertained and… I figured that if I’m having more fun with everything, you guys will enjoy it more too.

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He didn’t say how he was going to shake up the formula, but he did release a brand new video to tide people over in the meantime. The new video is a review of Cool as Ice starring Rapper Vanilla Ice.

JonTron’s last video was a review of Christmas with the Kranks in December 2016, which was taken off YouTube due to a copyright strike.

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