Jennifer Olajire-Aro Accused of Having Sex With Student


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Jennifer Olajire-Aro Burke High SchoolCharleston Police Department

Jennifer Olajire-Aro’s mugshot.

A South Carolina teacher has been arrested and charged with the sexual battery of a child, according to police in Charleston. Jennifer Olajire-Aro, 27, was arrested on December 18. The Charleston Post and Courier reports that Olajire-Aro is a resident of John’s Island. The Post and Courier report says that it was the victim who told officials at Burke High School about the alleged abuse. A school spokesman, Charles Francis, told the newspaper, “The incidents occurred off campus.” ABC Charleston reports that the alleged abuse between Olajire-Aro and the student lasted for “several months.”

According to her LinkedIn page, Olajire-Aro attended the University of Texas at Austin. Olajire-Aro’s profile on the Burke High School website says that she is a tennis coach at the school. While separate records show that Olajire-Aro graduated from Western Governors University in Austin, Texas, in October 2015. Her qualification was in special education.

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A The Knot page for Jennifer Olajire-Aro says that she married Taofeek Olajire-Aro in Dallas, Texas, on February 8, 2017. Although records in Texas indicate that the couple was married in Dallas County on August 3, 2014. The couple has a similar registry at The Bump, where it says their baby was due on February 2, 2017.

Taofeek Olajire-Aro is listed as general surgery doctor based at 171 Ashley Avenue in Charleston, South Carolina. Dr. Olajire-Aro is a graduate of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. He received his medical degree at the Medical University of South Carolina.

Taofeek Olajire-Aro

Dr. Taofeek Olajire-Aro.

Olajire-Aro is being held at the Al Cannon Detention Center prior to her bond hearing on December 19, reports ABC Charleston.

Slate reported that female educators make up 4 percent of convicted rapists in teacher/student scandals in 2006. While in 2016, former Department of Education chief of staff, Terry Abbott, wrote in the Washington Post that teacher/student sex scandals were on the rise. For example, in Kentucky in 2011, the state saw the number of teacher/student sexual relationships nearly double.

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