Jason Jordan: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


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Jason Jordan is a WWE superstar who is now Kurt Angle’s kayfabe son.

Tonight on Monday Night Raw, Kurt Angle revealed that he has an illegitimate child: Jason Jordan.

Obviously, this is just a WWE storyline, but it does indicate that Jason Jordan is about to receive a major single’s push on Raw going forward. It appears that Jordan’s time with American Alpha has ended.

So following this huge revelation, for those who are not too familiar with him, who exactly is Jason Jordan? Here’s what you need to know about Kurt Angle’s kayfabe son.

1. He is 28 Years Old

As soon as the Jason Jordan revelation came out on Raw tonight, the big question a lot of fans asked was in regards to Jordan’s age. Does it even make sense for Angle to be his father?

Actually, the math does work out. Jason Jordan is 28 years old, and Kurt Angle is 40.

During the segment on Raw, Kurt Angle said that he dated a woman in college who would give birth to a son unbeknownst to him, and so it fits that Angle would have fathered Jordan when he was 20.

In real life, Jason Jordan was born in Tinley Park, Illinois in 1988.

2. He Initially Pursued Baseball But Went into Wrestling in College

As Kurt Angle said during his segment tonight, Jason Jordan did initially pursue baseball before he got into wrestling.

However, it was when Jordan went to college that he decided to drop baseball and go for a wrestling career. He wrestled for Indiana University and competed at the Big Ten Conference.

Three years in a row when he was at Indiana University, Jordan ranked in the top 15 in the nation.

3. He Joined the WWE in 2011

Jason Jordan tried out for the WWE in 2010, and he was actually offered a contract at this time. However, he decided he wanted to finish his college degree before beginning his wrestling career. He ended up graduating with a bachelor’s degree in biology.

In July 2011, Jordan signed a developmental contract with the WWE. He had his first match at a FCW live event that September, and he made his debut on NXT in June 2012, losing to Jinder Mahal.

In the subsequent years, Jordan spent a lot of time as a jobber, though he briefly formed an alliance with Tye Dillinger.

4. He Has Been Wrestling With Chad Gable Since 2015

Jason Jordan has been paired up with Chad Gable since 2015.

It was in July 2015 on NXT that Chad Gable and Jason Jordan formed a partnership. In their first match together, they took on Elias Samson and Steve Cutler.

However, it wasn’t until January 2016 that Chad Gable and Jason Jordan adopted the name American Alpha. They were drafted to SmackDown Live together in July 2016 and spent about a year there, but with Jordan now on Raw, American Alpha appears to be disbanded, meaning Jordan will now compete in single’s competition for the first time in two years.

5. He Has Said Kurt Angle Was an Inspiration

Even before this Jason Jordan twist was revealed, fans had joked that either Chad Gable or Jason Jordan would turn out to be Angle’s son, mostly just because of the American Alpha gimmick but also because Chad Gable, like Kurt Angle, has competed in the Olympics.

While these comparisons were being made, Jason Jordan said that he looked up to Angle.

“Kurt’s a huge inspiration,” Jordan told ESPN in 2016.