Isaias De Jesus Valencia: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know



Isias De Jesus Valencia is shown in this Facebook photo. A neighbor described the man as extremely kind and said he was suffering from mental illness after serving in the military.

A standoff between authorities and an armed suspect resulted in one officer’s death and the wounding of another in Pomona, California, located approximately 30 miles outsides of Los Angeles.

The suspect has been identified as Isaias De Jesus Valencia, and he was arrested Saturday afternoon following an approximate 15-hour standoff.

Valencia barricaded himself inside of an apartment building after allegedly fatally shooting 30-year-old Pomona Police Officer Greggory Casillas.

A neighbor and friend who spoke with Heavy described Valencia as someone who fed the homeless, and as a man who would do anything to help anyone. He said the suspect served in the military, and believes the tragedy could’ve been prevented with the right programs in place.

The officer who was wounded is expected to survive.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. He Allegedly Shot 2 Officers, Killing 1

Pomona Police Chief Michael Olivieri provided the public with updates on the standoff situation throughout Friday evening and Saturday.

“It is with a heavy heart that I must report that one officer did not survive,” the chief tweeted at 3:34 a.m. PST. “The second officer is in stable condition.”

The second officer has not been identified, and was undergoing surgery Saturday.

One September 7, 2017 the chiefwelcomed Casillas as the “newest Pomona Police Officer” via Facebook:

“Your newest Pomona Police Officer, Greg Casillas, graduated San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Academy Class #207 tonight. Congrats and welcome aboard!”

2. He Was Barricaded Inside of an Apartment Building Since Friday Evening

According to Capt. Christopher Bergner of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, the standoff began as a police pursuit, and officers chase to the suspect after he ran into an apartment complex.

“The suspect ran into an apartment complex and the officers gave chase,” Bergner stated at a press conference. “As he barricaded himself in a bedroom, officers attempted to contact him. He then began firing through the door, striking the two officers.”

3. A Neighbor Said He Served in the Military & Was in Need of Mental Health Care

Heavy spoke with a friend and neighbor of Valencia who said the man had nothing against police officers or the government, and said he was in extreme need of mental healthcare.

Amos Young Jr. told Heavy:

He was a young man who had a disconnect following his return from the military. And a lack of services being offered in Pomona in particular…which he had to trust and understand were there to help him,not to hold him back. He had the mindset that he had to just deal with the problems himself. There was poverty, a lack of access to programs, a lack of access to a support system outside of his family. With the right programs, this could have been prevented.

He was well-known for being a giver. To me he did not have anything against the police officer…in his mind he was fighting for his life. He saw demons. He was not anti-police and he was not anti-government.

Young prayed with Valencia’s family Saturday night.

4. Multiple Law Enforcement Agencies Joined In a Procession for the Late Officer

Multiple law enforcement agencies escorted the body of Casillas to the Los Angeles coroner’s office.

“Another hero gone too soon,” LAPD Chief Charlie Beck tweeted. “These tragedies are occurring too often, and the pains of sacrifice will never be forgotten. Our thoughts and prayers are with the @PomonaPD today.”

5. The Crime Rate in Pomona is 24% Higher Than the National Average

According to, the crime rate in Pomona is 24% higher than that of the national United States average.

The website states:

According to the annual crime data, the crime rate in Pomona, CA is 18% higher than the average of the whole of the state of California, and when compared with the national average, is 24% higher than. When looking at violent crimes, Pomona, CA has 12% higher than violent crime rate than California average, while remaining 29% higher than the national average. In property crime, Pomona, CA is 19% higher than the average of California and is 24% higher than the national average.