Isabelle Martinez: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


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Isabelle Martinez.

Isabelle Martinez was identified as the Georgia mother accused of stabbing her four children under age 10 to death, along with their father.

A fifth child was also wounded, but has survived the deadly attack. The mother is under arrest. Police posted a photo of crime scene tape next to a playground set.

The tragedy occurred in a mobile home in Loganville, Georgia, a town in Gwinnett County located about 30 miles from Atlanta.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Five People, Including Four Children, Were Found Stabbed to Death Inside the Home

Gwinnett Police reported on Twitter: “Homicide update: All children were under age 10, adult male was in his mid 30s. Female suspect and male victim were parents to all children.”

“What prompts a person to take the life of such innocent children and her spouse is something we may never understand. This is a horrendous crime not only for the victims but for the extended family, neighborhood and community. We are hoping and praying that the remaining victim survives his/her injuries and makes a full recovery,” Gwinnett Co. Public Information Officer, Corp. Michele Pihera, said.

The surviving child is a young girl.

2. Isabelle Martinez, the Mother of the Children, Was Described as the ‘Prime Suspect

Police revealed that they were not searching for any additional suspects. They said the mother was their “prime suspect.”

A 911 call was placed alerting police to the slaughter just before 5 a.m. on July 6. It’s believed that Isabelle Martinez made that call. The father was described as being in his mid 30s, and the motive was still under investigation.

3. A Neighbor Recalled the Children Riding Bikes in the Neighborhood

Pedro Ramirez, 15, described seeing the children riding bicycles throughout the neighborhood. He also said the victims might have been dead for hours.

In an interview with AJC, he said they would frequently come out to play on the street and in the park. Ramirez added that the family had only recently moved into the home and he said the children ranged in age from 3-years-old to 10.

4. The Mother Was Depressed After Her Father’s Death, a Neighbor Said

The neighbor told that the mother had been depressed because her father died three weeks ago.

Reporter Liz Artz wrote on Twitter, “Neighbor: suspect mom was depressed about father dying.They prayed about it in church last Sun., but no indication she wld kill her children.”

5. The Mother Was Originally From Mexico & Was New to the Georgia Area

According to Artz, “Neighbors: suspect originally from Mexico Possibly moved here from Chicago area several months ago. 5 children all under the age of 12yoa.” She added, “Neighbors: kids are ‘babies’ youngest ‘toddler oldest about 7yoa’ said they moved here from ILL about a month ago.”