Hurricane Harvey LIVE STREAMS: Watch the Storm Make Landfall Online

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Hurricane Harvey is getting closer to the Texas coast, with a landfall estimated around 1 a.m. Saturday. We have a series of live hurricane radars, livestream feeds, and webcams from people in the area to let you watch the storm as it nears the coast, makes landfall, and then continues along.

These feeds could go up and down periodically due to power outages and storm damage, or they may switch from being a live stream to a rewatchable video, but we will keep updating this post periodically as the storm progresses. We will also add more feeds for other cities as the storm’s path continues.

The feed above was created by Eli on YouTube. It shows live streams of doppler and radars, along with live streams from Lake Jackson (his home, about 200 miles northeast of Corpus), South Padre Island, Galveston, the Galveston Fishing Pier, and the Moody Garden Pyramid Webcam.  If the live stream ever goes down, go back to his YouTube page to see if he’s put up a new one.

Here are more live streams you might want to see.

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Live Streams from Corpus Christi

This first live stream is from Corpus Christi, Texas, from Ustream here. It shows how choppy the waters have gotten.

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Meanwhile at nearby Aranasas Pass:

Galveston Live Stream

Storm Chasing Cam

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Meanwhile, if you’re worried about power outages, this handy website will be monitoring power outages in Texas.

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