Hurricane Harvey Live Radar: Watch Doppler & Radar Streams Here


National Hurricane Center

Harvey’s radar as of 12:30 p.m.

Hurricane Harvey is strengthening in the Gulf, moving closer and closer to the coast. It was expected to make landfall late Friday night or early Saturday morning along the Gulf coast, but the eye of the storm appears to already be moving near the Corpus Christi area, just north of it. Unfortunately, after the hurricane hits land, it’s expected to stall for several days, which could lead to serious flooding in parts of Texas.

Harvey is the nation’s first Category 3 hurricane to make landfall in almost 12 years, since Wilma in 2005. And now it’s a Category 4. There are still predictions of widespread rain and flooding. Dangerous flooding is expected along the coast, but depending on where the hurricane lands and possibly stalls, dangerous flooding may also be seen inland into parts of central Texas.

Above, you can see NBC news showing a live feed of Hurricane Harvey’s radar.

Below are many local news feeds, reporting live on Harvey’s location and projected path.

Radar & Doppler Focused Feeds

First, a few more radar and doppler focused feeds:

This next one is from Scott Anthony.

Weatherseus provides details on the satellite and radar images for the storm.

Local News Live Feeds

And to help you keep track of the storm, here are some live feeds from local newscasters in the Corpus Christi area. This first feed is from KIII TV, a local Corpus Christi news source.

The Weather Channel: 



CBS News: 

The hurricane is now a Category 4, which is just one category shy of the largest category created for a hurricane.

Watch additional live stream feeds from people on the ground below:

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