Heavy.com is Now On OpenCritic


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If you’ve been following Heavy.com’s Games coverage for some time, you might have noticed that we send out multiple video game reviews every month from a small team of reviewers (there’s currently five of us). Now, we’re pleased to announce that Heavy.com’s reviews will now be appearing on OpenCritic.

The goal here at Heavy is to always provide honest and reliable reviews with consistency, and our goal is to always have the right reviewer reviewing the right game. It’s something that I, as the Heavy.com Gaming Editor, place a heavy weight on for our reviewers, as we don’t want to give Far Cry 5 to a reviewer who hates FPS games (as an example).

You might have noticed that our reviews have been quoted by a number of reputable publishers, including Microsoft, Ubisoft, and Bandai Namco, to name a few. Now, we’re excited to announce that we’re working alongside OpenCritic and will now have our reviews available on OpenCritic.com.

If you’re not already using OpenCritic for your review needs, you might want to give it a quick sign-up. It allows you to aggregate reviews specifically for your favorite publications, and, hopefully, that will soon include us as you get to know us a little better in the near future.

Heavy.com rates games on a 10-point scale with .1 increments, which will be scaled-up to match OpenCritic’s 0-100 rating system.

So, we’d like to thank OpenCritic for the inclusion on their site as a trusted review publication, and we look forward to seeing our future reviews on there as well.