Dorothy Bruns: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Dorothy Bruns


Dorothy Bruns is suspected of running a red light which left two young children dead in New York City.

A reportedly out-of-control driver, 44-year-old Dorothy Bruns, allegedly struck and killed two children with her vehicle as they walked inside of a crosswalk in New York City. The incident occurred at approximately 12:40 p.m. at Ninth Street and Fifth Avenue, according to New York Daily News.

Four-year-old Abigail Blumenstein and one-year-old Joshua Lew died after being struck by the car while walking alongside their mothers, Ruthie Ann Blumenstein and Lauren Lew, who were also injured in the horrifying wreck.

Blumenstein, a Tony-winning Broadway star who is known by her stage name of Ruthie Ann Miles, was pregnant at the time of the tragedy.

Police say Bruns ran a red light and attempted to leave the scene of the crash but was stopped by witnesses.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Two Mothers Were Coming From a Church Event With Their Beloved Children

Miles and Lew were on their way back from a church event at a community center when the catastrophic event unfolded, the New York Post reported.

The women and children, along with a fifth victim were rushed by medics to New York-Presbyterian Hospital, where Abigail and Joshua succumbed to their injuries.

Though the extent of the survivor’s injuries are not known at this time, NY Daily News reported Miles as being “critically hurt.”

At the time of publishing it was unknown how far along Miles’ pregnancy was or if the unborn baby was harmed.

2. She Was Cited for Running Red Lights 4 Times in 2 Years

Dorothy Bruns Staten Island Facebook

Dorothy Bruns.

According to NY Daily News, Bruns, 44 has been cited for running red lights four times in just the last two years, indicating a disturbing pattern. The car she was allegedly driving had also been caught “speeding through a school zone four times in the last two years,” the publication added.

“Those two kids were ran over like dogs,” a witness told the NY Daily News.

Joshua’s stroller was reportedly dragged more than 350 feet by Bruns’ car.

3. Witnesses Reportedly Stopped Her From Fleeing the Scene

Police said the woman attempted to leave the scene of the horrifying crash but was stopped by witnesses.

“When they took her out, she was just standing there, like nothing,” Jennifer Muñiz told the Daily News. “No emotion. Not sad. Not crying. Not asking questions: ‘Is everybody all right?’ Not shaking. Nothing.”

Brun reportedly told police that the crash happened after she tried to avoid hitting a car by swerving out of the way.

Relatives of Bruns said the woman suffered a seizure, the Daily News reported.

4. Many Are Taking to Social Media to Express Their Outrage

The public has taken to Bruns’ Facebook page to let the woman know exactly how they feel about the situation.

“Dorothy Bruns murdered two children with a Volvo today and is spending the evening at home with her family,” @_alexweinberg tweeted. “She still has her drivers license.”

“Guess who’s cleared and going back to work this b*tch I’m so excited,” reads Bruns’ latest public Facebook post, dated February 13.

“Damn you have a son and didn’t think of him cause look what you have done to two innocent kids. Your deserve life in jail,” Ino Lozoya responded.

“…My heart hurts. Wow. My heart is aching just thinking of this, Marko St-Koulev stated. “You are a beautiful woman Dorothy, with a handsome son. What could possesses you to commit such an evil crime? I’m…speechless. Honestly, I hope Jesus has mercy on your soul. Cause at this rate. U really f***ed up.”

“Murderer!!!,” Nicholas Jones exclaimed. “You killed those babies, all because you wanted to run a red light.”

5. Though Charges Are Not Known at This Time, She Was Taken Into Custody

At the time of publishing no known charges had been brought against Brun, though she was taken into custody.

A makeshift memorial stands where Abigail and Joshua were killed, as seen in the above tweet.

“The gut-wrenching memorial in Park Slope near where Joshua Lew, 1, and Abigail Blumenstein, 4, were hit and killed yesterday,” @RobertMosesFox5 wrote. “No charges against driver. People here will call today on the mayor to do something about this intersection.”