Does Danielle Maltby Quit ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Over Wells Adams?

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Previously on Bachelor in Paradise, contestant Ben Zorn was saved with a rose from Danielle Maltby, who had not yet made a connection with anyone on the show. One person who she is very friendly with on and off the show, is Wells Adams, who has returned to the show but is a bartender this time. Because Adams is working as the bartender this season, he is not allowed to go on any dates with fellow cast members.

Adams and Maltby are friends back in Nashville and the two have known each other for years. And, the two are not shy about praising each other on Instagram in sweet and thoughtful posts.

So, what is the deal with these two? On tonight’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Maltby reveals that she has a crush on Adams and he talks her up as well. According to Reality Steve, Maltby leaves the show tonight because she has an opportunity for charity work overseas. Or, does she leave because the guy she really wants to date is working behind the bar? ABC reports:

A lovely but left-alone lady decides to depart Paradise before the approaching rose ceremony. On her way out, she stops at the bar to say goodbye to bartender Wells who she secretly has a crush on. He also has a crush on her but it is against the rules of Paradise to take any relationship to the next level but they share a moment in time they won’t soon forget.

Wells Adams was a cast member last season on Bachelor in Paradise and he went on dates with Ashley Iaconetti before ultimately breaking off the relationship.

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