Are Chelsea Meissner & Austen Kroll Still Dating?


This season on Southern Charm, Austen Kroll has been off and on dating Shep Rose’s crush Chelsea Meissner throughout the season, but the couple definitely appeared to be catching serious feelings by the end of the season. Recently, Chelsea wished Austen a “happy birthday” online and said, “Happy 30th to this dimpled dime piece, @krollthewarriorking Love you and your big heart #IndecisiveGeminis.” But, we will have to wait and see on the reunion if they are an official couple or if they’ve decided to just be friends.

When Meissner came on the scene this season, Cameran Eubanks had it in her mind that she was going to get Meissner together with co-star Shep Rose. Unfortunately, ladies’ man Rose struck out a bit and his friend Kroll stepped up to the plate. When Kroll started hanging out with Meissner, Rose felt a bit slighted by Kroll and let him know it. This was the beginning of a sometimes awkward love triangle between the three cast members. However, by the looks of things lately, the three seem to be getting along well. Have a look at the below photo of Meissner, Rose and Kroll partying together recently.

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Meissner came on the show as a friend of star Cameran Eubanks, but this is not Meissner’s first time on reality television. Previously, Meissner was a contestant on the hit competition series Survivor. She was a part of the Survivor: One World cast and she made it to the Final Three on the show, but she did not win. At the time of the show, Meissner was not a hairdresser like she is now and she was in medical sales, according to CBS.

As for Kroll, he joined the cast this season as a friend of Shep Rose.

Tonight is part 1 of the Southern Charm season 4 reunion and Meissner is set to join the cast at some point during the reunion. As for one of the lead stars, Whitney Sudler-Smith, he has not been pictured at the reunion, so it looks like he may have chosen to skip this one. His mother Patricia has opted out of appearing on the reunion shows every season. Could Whitney be doing the same?