WWE: What Kurt Angle & Jason Jordan Said in Their WWE Network Interview


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Jason Jordan and Kurt Angle were interviewed on the WWE Network tonight.

Tonight on Monday Night Raw, Kurt Angle revealed that Jason Jordan is his son (within kayfabe). This was a huge development, but Angle and Jordan did not talk at all afterwards, with the WWE instead holding an interview with them exclusively on the WWE Network. If you’re not a network subscriber, here’s what happened during that interview.

Jason Jordan says that he is grateful for this new chapter of his life and for the support from his friends, his family, and Kurt Angle. He says that he found out that he was adopted after he graduated college, and he was shocked. He wanted to know more about his biological parents, he says, but at the same time, he felt that this would disrespect the parents who raised him. However, he decided he need to contact the truth.

Jordan says that he contacted a private investigator, who tracked down his birth mother and arranged for a call between them. This conversation was difficult for both of them, Jordan says. Jordan says that it was during this conversation that he found out that Kurt Angle is his birth father. He says he was shocked but excited.

Kurt Angle says that he wants to be a father to Jason Jordan and make sure he doesn’t make the same mistakes that he did.

Jordan says that he doesn’t want any preferential treatment just because his biological father is the general manger of Raw, denying that he’ll get a “push.” When asked if he will be able to follow in Kurt Angle’s footsteps, Jordan says that one day he will be a WWE champion.

Angle says that he talked to Jordan’s biological mother, only speaking with her briefly over the phone. When asked why he was so concerned about how the WWE universe would react to this, Angle says that viewers can be fickle and that he worried they might not support him.

Finally, Kurt Angle wraps up the interview, saying they’ll talk more in the future but that now he wants to spend time with his son.