World Cup Draw: Playoff Matchups, Dates & Times

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The World Cup Draw has been set for the eight European teams looking to claim one of the four remaining World Cup spots. Northern Ireland takes on Switzerland. Croatia will square off with Greece. Denmark will face Ireland. Finally, Sweden takes on Italy.

It is a two-match format for each pairing where the winning team will advance to Russia. The playoff will kickoff with four matches on November 9, and conclude with four matches on November 12.

According to FIFA, Pot 1 included Switzerland, Italy, Croatia and Denmark. Greece, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Sweden were in Pot 2. The pots were decided by the latest FIFA rankings. Teams from Pot 1 were paired with teams from Pot 2.

Here’s a look at the playoff schedule for the eight matches. Times will be updated as soon as they are announced.

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World Cup Playoff Schedule

November 9: Northern Ireland vs. Switzerland
November 12: Switzerland vs. Northern Ireland
November 9: Denmark vs. Ireland
November 12: Ireland vs. Denmark
November 9: Sweden vs. Italy
November 12: Italy vs. Sweden
November 9: Croatia vs. Greece
November 12: Greece vs. Croatia

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