WATCH: Wendy Williams Faints on Live TV Show

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For those watching The Wendy Williams Show live today, they probably weren’t counting on a Halloween episode this scary. Just as Williams was about to announced contenders in the show’s Halloween costume contest, she became wide-eyed, raised her hand towards her crown, stumbled a bit and fell backwards to the floor. Production members quickly rushed over to her and the show cut to commercial. Fortunately, Williams is okay and when the show returned, she told viewers that she was actually overheating in her costume and that she did pass out. She assured fans that her fainting was not a stunt, but that she would power through and finish the show. The pass out moment occurred close to the end of the show and when Williams realized the show was pretty much over, she joked, “Was I passed out for that long?”

Jerry O’Connell was a guest on the show today and when he came out as “The Naked Cowboy” from NYC, he quietly checked on Williams to make sure she was okay. See Williams’ return in the below Twitter video after the commercial breaks.

Read some of the tweets from fans watching the show as Williams suffered a fainting spell.

Some fans are commenting on Twitter that they hope Williams gets a medical check-up just in case her fainting was caused by an underlying illness of some kind. For her Halloween episode, Williams was dressed as Lady Liberty, in a sequined jumpsuit, matching wig and crown. Williams is 53 years old.

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