Top 10 Best Vampire Costumes for the Whole Family 2017


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Vampires have been haunting our dreams for thousands of years with tales dating back to ancient Babylonia. Stories of vampiric creatures can be found in hundreds of cultures across the globe. It’s a natural and classic choice when deciding which scary horror you’ll transform yourself into for Halloween.

Because it’s a classic choice, when you dress up as a vampire, you want to be the best vampire in the room–the one that turns heads. So I’ve pulled together the best vampire costumes for adults, children, and infants.

To be the eye-catching vampire you need three things: good makeup, good fangs, and a great costume. The costume we’ll cover below, but let’s go over the other two real quick.


Without killer vampire makeup, let’s be honest, you might just look like a goth–which is fine but not specifically Halloween-y. There are endless numbers of amazing vampire makeup tutorials that you can find online, like this great tutorial for a creepy, veiny vampire look. A basic guideline is you want your skin a few shades lighter than normal, dark hollows under the eyes, and some fake blood never hurts. Read my guide to the best Halloween makeup palettes to get some inspiration and an idea of the best face paints out there. For a vampire, I would recommend this Professional Face and Body Paint Palette by CCBeauty because it gives you a wide range of colors in a medium that’s easy to work with.

For fake blood, it really depends on the look you’re going for. If you want your blood to look terrifyingly realistic and wet, go for Mehron’s Stage Blood in Dark Venous for fresh blood or Coagulated Gel for a thicker look. For young kids, stick with a good face paint to prevent smearing.

Fangs. This also depends on the age bracket you’re working with. Adults can go for individual fangs that you mold to fit your teeth. Scarecrow is the best brand for this and I recommend either the Scarecrow Small Vampire Teeth if you’re going for a natural look or don’t love the idea of talking around big fangs or the Scarecrow Deluxe Adult Vampire Teeth for a truly scary smile.

For kids, you want something they can’t accidentally swallow so full mouth teeth is the way to go. One option is the classic Glow in the Dark Vampire Fangs which have the benefits of being cheap, your little one can talk and move their mouth, and they glow in the dark which is always awesome. Or you could check out a Vampire Fang Mouth Guard which will mold to the top of your child’s mouth and can double as sports mouth guard the rest of the year.

Costumes. Let’s get to it.

1. Victorian Vampira Child’s Costume

vampire costume, girls vampire costume, kids vampire costume

California Costumes

Reccomended for ages six through eight, this vampire dress will change your little one into a creature of the night in no time. This costume set from California Costumes includes the dress with bat wing collar and attached shoulder drapes, pettiskirt, miniature hat, and pendant chain. All you need to bring is your shoes. The black lace long sleeves have a loop that fits over your finger for a Gothic Victorian look. It’s a polyester dress, but the fabric thickness is much higher quality than you’re used to getting from Halloween costume sets. It feels more like a dress than a paper-thin jumpsuit. Even with the pettiskirt, the skirt does have a much flatter profile compared to the photo. If you’re hoping for a fuller look, pick up a thicker Black Petticoat.

Price: From $33.88

Buy the Victorian Vampira Child’s Costume here.

2. Prince Of Darkness Costume

vampire costume, men's vampire costume, kids vampire costume

California Costumes

For a unique take on the black and red vampire look, this Prince of Darkness costume has an eye-catching vest with black fading to red in a swarm of bats. The costume set comes with the vest with attached sleeves, matching dickey with attached cravat, black and red cape with high collar, and the medallion with chain. You’ll need to bring your own pants and pick up a Skull Walking Cane if you’re digging the look in this example. My main issue with this costume is that medallion is really cheap looking which is a bummer for the price. I still think it’s worth it for this incredible vest though. Pick up a separate, quality Vampire Medallion if you’re set on that look.

This costume is also available in Children’s Sizes starting at $22.48.

Price: From $79.99

Buy the Prince Of Darkness Costume here.

3. Vampiress Of Versailles Costume

vampire costume, women's vampire costume, girls vampire costume, kids vampire costume


This Vampiress costume makes a big impact as a vampire who hasn’t changed their style in the past few hundred years–and why would you when you looked like this? The set comes with the dress with bell lace sleeves, hoop skirt, and separate collar with a skull cameo accent. It runs a little bit big so keep that in mind when ordering. Anytime you’re dealing with a hoop skirt, it’s going to be a little finicky, but they never fail to turn heads. If you can pitch a tent, this will be easy. The detailing on this dress is intricate from satin bows to lace. The collar really makes it and brings in that vampiric vibe. You will need to wear your hair up for this costume as the collar comes up fairly high. Also keep in mind that this dress is very long and probably not best for short folks unless you’re okay with getting it hemmed.

Price: From $121.50

Buy the Vampiress Of Versailles Costume here.

4. Vampire B. Slayed Child’s Costume

vampire costume, women's vampire costume, girls vampire costume, kids vampire costume


This vampire has had a very bad day. If you’re little vampire is looking kick it up a notch, check out this costume from InCharacter that comes with a stake impaling the heart. The shirt has an attached vinyl fake wooden stake covered in fake blood that looks like this vampire has just gotten out of a serious fight. This vampire is either dying or invincible or just barely scraped by to drink blood another day–depending on whatever story your little one likes. It includes the tattered black cape with medallion closure, vest, top with bloody stake, tattered pants, and red ascot. All you need is a pair of shoes and you’re set.

Price: $29.89 (53 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Vampire B. Slayed Child’s Costume here.

5. Gothic Vampiress Costume

vampire costume, women's vampire costume, girls vampire costume, kids vampire costume


This full length gown with tattered bell sleeves and lace up front give an old world charm to this youth’s vampire costume. The skirt is rich with details, silver buttons, and dramatic ruching. It ties in a bow in the back to ensure a proper fit and the lace has a subtle floral pattern to give the impression that this gown was the height of fashion 300 years ago when our little vampire wore it. It also comes with a tulle petticoat and jeweled choker. This costume is also available in Adult Sizes from $49.99 if you’re feeling jealous.

Price: From $58.98

Buy the Gothic Vampiress Costume here.

6. Baby Drac Costume With Swaddle Wings

vampire costume, women's vampire costume, girls vampire costume, kids vampire costume

Princess Paradise

I can’t stop making squealing noises looking at this costume. It’s simply too cute. This set from Princess Paradise comes with a romper with big fake buttons and bow tie, an adorable vampire bat face hat, and swaddle blanket in the shape of bat wings with a red lining and classic Dracula collar. Cutest vampire ever. I will say that the costume tends to run small so you might want to order one size up from what you normally would for your little one. To take this little vampire one step further, check out this Vampire Teeth Pacifier for $7.75.

Price: $28.76 (33 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Baby Drac Costume With Swaddle Wings here.

7. Vampire Of Versailles Costume

vampire costume, women's vampire costume, girls vampire costume, kids vampire costume


The mate to our Vampiress of Versailles above, this costume set will create a worthy match for the dramatic wide skirts of the Vampiress. The set comes with the long tailed coat in black velvet lined in red with silver and red trim, tall vampiric collar, red cuffs, and attached shirt ruffles at the wrist. It also includes a red brocade vest with the attached dickey, jewel accent, and ruffled cravat. The collar doesn’t stand up as stiff as it does in the photo and if you want it to, you’ll probably need to employ some starch.

Price: From $87.17

Buy the Vampire Of Versailles Costume here.

8. Victorian Sexy Vampiress Costume

vampire costume, women's vampire costume, girls vampire costume, sexy vampire costume


Not all vampires are dusty, gnarly things out of horror movies. Some vampires are sexy. They’ve taken care of themselves over the years and learned to adapt their original fashion sense to a more modern aesthetic. This costume set has the wide bell lacy sleeves and high collar of a traditional vampire costume but brings the skirt hem way up to show off your legs. A lace train in the back of the dress and attached petticoat give you some mystery and serious swish to your skirts. The bodice laces up the back to suit your body shape and it has a keyhole back for another peek of skin.

The keyhole back does mean that the lacing doesn’t go as far up as it does in a traditional corset, which leaves extra room in the bust that you can’t tighten. If you’re on the bustier side, this is great news, but if you aren’t, you may find yourself wanting some padding to fill this out. This also comes with the black lace choker with skull cameo and red beading. The fabric of this dress doesn’t have any stretch to it, so make sure you take a good look a the sizing chart while ordering.

Price: From $104.99

Buy the Victorian Sexy Vampiress Costume here.

9. Count Blood Fiend Child’s Costume

vampire costume, women's vampire costume, girls vampire costume, kids vampire costume

California Costumes

For the little blood-sucker who doesn’t want to walk around with a fake stake in their heart, there’s this dapper-looking Count Blood Fiend costume. It includes a vest with skull detail print and attached period sleeves, dickey with attached black cravat, and cape with tall collar and velcro closure. For a kid’s costume, this one is designed much more like an adult’s Dracula costume which will set your little vampire apart from other vampires their age. The skull print is very unique and the bat wing cut on the bottom of the cape is definitely going to get attention. The velcro closure of the cape has an attached chain to give it a more adult look as well.

Price: From $17.32

Buy the Count Blood Fiend Child’s Costume here.

10. Deluxe Count Dracula Costume

vampire costume, women's vampire costume, girls vampire costume, Dracula costume


If you’re sick of investing in costumes that feel cheap and you end up having to throw them away in a year because they’re already full of holes, consider checking out this Deluxe Count Dracula Costume by Tabi’s Characters. This is a theatrical quality costume meant to hold up to multiple uses. It’s more like buying a vampire suit than buying a vampire costume. Sure the price tag is higher, but so is the craftsmanship. This costume is made in America and comes with the entire outfit. You get a black, real velvet long coat with blood red lining, tall vampiric collar, and accent buttons. It also comes with a silver-white brocade vest, cravat, and matching black slacks. This will make you the classiest vampire at the party. When everyone else is in Halloween store costumes, you’ve raided Dracula’s closet.

Price: From $409.99

Buy the Deluxe Count Dracula Costume here.

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