Top 10 Best Scary Halloween Masks 2017


scary halloween masks

Whether you go with a classic movie monster or just something generally disturbing, a sufficiently creepy mask can suffice as an entire Halloween costume. While many costumes require other visual cues as to what you’re supposed to be, a mask immediately changes enough about you that anyone can see you’re dressed for the occasion.

While others might be stuck with the face they have, relying on make up kits to dress it up, a mask can radically transform anyone into a walking horror. What might take hours for an expert makeup artist to recreate takes only a few seconds to don as you head out the door for a night of hellraising or partying.

Some may think that the scariest thing this year is President Trump. If you’re inclined to agree, we have a post dedicated to Donald Trump costumes, too.

If you’re looking to creep out everyone around you this year, check out these top ten best scary Halloween masks.

1. Lovful Jason Vorhees Mask


Of course, we must begin with a couple of classics. At this point, it’s possible that you’ll be relying on horror fans to understand what’s truly scary about this mask, but that doesn’t diminish the fact that it’s just generally kind of creepy to look at. Even better, you have your choice of finishes all for the same price as the original. The original is probably the way to go, though.

Price: $10.99

Buy the Lovful Jason Vorhees Mask here.

2. Ghoulish Productions Hellraiser III Pinhead Mask

Ghoulish Productions

Here’s another movie classic, though this one really doesn’t require knowledge of horror flicks to be disturbing. As it is, Pinhead cuts a striking, and upsetting, figure. For the full effect, you could opt for Smiffy’s Pinehead Costume instead.

Price: $95.71

Buy the Ghoulish Productions Hellraiser III Pinhead Maskhere.

3. CycleMore Latex Creepy Zombie Mask


Is it a zombie? A ghost? Some kind of awful ghoul? Whatever it is, it is genuinely difficult to look at. And I don’t know about you, but something about referring to the latex as “emulsion skin” really just drives home the creep factor for me. Concoct your own bizarre monster with this as the starting point.

Price: $10.99

Buy the CycleMore Latex Creepy Zombie Mask here.

4. Morbid Enterprises Snake Tongue Evil Clown Mask

Morbid Enterprises

With the new It remake reminding people why they’re afraid of clowns, this is definitely the year to leverage that fear. But since everyone is likely to show up as Pennywise, blaze your own trail and grab this equally creepy mask. If you want to go all-out, my colleague Matt has a post dedicated to killer clown costumes here.

Price: $39.99

Buy the Morbid Enterprises Snake Tongue Evil Clown Mask here.

5. Ghoulish Productions Zombie Tongue

Ghoulish Productions

This gruesome looking mask brings zombie costumes to another horrifying level. It’s a little Gollum, a little decaying corpse, a little Cryptkeeper. Topped off with blood splatters and a rotting tongue. Gross enough to stand alone or be humorously juxtaposed to, say, a tuxedo?

Price: $31.98

Buy the Ghoulish Productions Zombie Tongue here.

6. Rubie’s Costume Screaming Corpse Overhead Mask


Take the decaying skull look a step further with this screaming zombie that appears to be melting. Or cursed. Whatever the case may be, this should be terrible enough for any party or other late-night hauntings.

Price: $17.59 (12 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Rubie’s Costume Screaming Corpse Overhead Mask here.

7. Forum Novelties Sinister Fin Skull Costume Mask

Forum Novelties

I’ll be honest: I have no idea what this is supposed to be. But that’s part of the charm; it’s just a freaky image and something you definitely don’t see everyday. It runs on the large side, but you could probably pad it with a winter cap or something to get it to fit smaller heads better. Definitely enough to startle the neighborhood kids.

Price: $27.22

Buy the Forum Novelties Sinister Fin Skull Costume Mask here.

8. Rubie’s Cave Demon Mask


Here’s a nicely detailed mask for those going for an underworld or demon look. The multiple horns and generally aggressive expression makes for a great effect. To go along with this, pair with something like this classic black robe and hood.

Price: $21.06

Buy the Rubie’s Cave Demon Mask here.

9. Inieiwo Mouth Monster Mask


What could be better than celebrating Halloween as some poor schmuck having his face torn apart by a parasitic monster? It might not be the most convincing-looking mask in full daylight, but I suspect that if you appear out of the dark and hold a flashlight up to this, you can get a few good jump scares. Also a great shocker for opening the door for trick-or-treaters.

Price: $22.99

Buy the Inieiwo Mouth Monster Mask here.

10. Forum Novelties Dead Zombie Rat Mask

Forum Novelties

One year for Halloween, I put my actual pet rat on my shoulder while I handed out candy. Despite not wearing a costume at all, when people realized a real rat was on my shoulder, they inevitably jumped or screamed. People are just inherently afraid of rats. Use that to your advantage with this rat mask. Up the ante on this one and become the rat king by dragging a bunch of prop rats along behind you.

Price: $16.34

Buy the Forum Novelties Dead Zombie Rat Mask here.

For more costume ideas, check out our Halloween category for posts from our whole team.

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