Splatoon 2 Gets Blackbelly Skatepark & Gold Dynamo Roller

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splatoon 2 blackbelly skateparkNintendo

Two fan favorites from the original game are coming back to Splatoon 2 today.

Blackbelly Skatepark is coming to the game as a new stage. The stage features many ramps and hills as well as the cylindrical tower in the middle of the map for sniping with chargers. The only changes coming to this map from the original are that the two spawn points are located further back on elevated platforms, according to the game’s official Tumblr blog. This ensures that enemies don’t spawn camp, or take down players right as they come out of the spawn area.

We’ll also be getting the Gold Dynamo Roller. Like the Dynamo Roller, it has the widest area of ink coverage for rollers and also does the most damage but is also the slowest to swing and move. However, instead of carrying an Ink Mines and the Sting Ray special like the regular version, the Gold Dynamo Roller carries Splash Bombs and the Ink Armor special according to a translation of the Japanese Twitter account for the game.

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