‘Pokemon Go’ Raid Boss Charts: Best Guides for Moves & Counters at Each Level



Pokemon Go trainers have been hard at work figuring out which moves and counters are the best to use against Raid Bosses at all levels (1-4) and egg colors. Some trainers have put a lot of time into figuring this out and creating some very impressive charts to guide you as participate in Raid Battles.

We discussed some great moves and each Raid Bosses’ CP in Heavy’s stories here and here. But some trainers really wanted more information, more details, and more discussion. So here are some of the best charts and discussions online, from fellow Pokemon Go trainers, sharing what they’ve found.

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Detailed Raid Boss Charts for Each Level, Examining CP Range, Weakness, & Best Moves

A Redditor with the humorous name Zwerg-im-Bikini made a detailed series of charts for Egg Star levels 1, 2, 3, and 4. Each chart looks into counters and CP range, and type symbols for the best suggested moves. The charts took a lot of work and you can see the full discussion about them on Reddit here.

Here’s the chart for Level 4:


And here’s the chart for Level 3:


The Redditor also created charts for Levels 1 and 2, which you can see on the Reddit discussion here. Other trainers commented that they loved the charts because it shows the reasons why counters are good rather than just suggesting counters.

CP Range can help you decide if it’s worth using golden berries to try to catch the Raid Boss after you defeat him. The Type Weakness portion will help you decide which Pokemon to take with you into battle.

Another thing to keep in mind when viewing the charts above. The larger Pokemon on the left are the better attackers that should be chosen first, Zwerg explained. The others are still good, but not be quite as effective.

Chart of Best Super Effective Attacks vs. Raid Bosses, and Effects of STAB

This next chart, created by Redditor Lobo2ffs, is a table of each Raid Boss at each Tier Level (1-4), along with their type, and attacks that are super effective or double super effective against them. The last column also shows which Pokemon types their STAB effects will do less damage against. You can read the Reddit discussion about this chart here. 


Detailed Chart of Counters & Moves Per Raid Boss

And next up is a beautifully detailed chart showing Raid Bosses at Tier 3 and 4, along with photos of the Pokemon that have the best counters/move sets to defeat them. The chart was created by Redditor Papercut13. They said they originally made it for their Facebook groups, but then decided to share on Reddit too. The Pokemon in a green box are the “best choices” for each Raid Boss. You can see the discussion about the chart on Reddit here. 

Here’s the chart:

raid boss chart


Redditor Papercut13 said they got some of the suggestions from Trainer’s Tips Raid Counters List and Pokemon Go Game Press.

What do you think about these three sets of Raid Boss charts? Which do you like the best? Do you disagree with any of the  assessments? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.