Paola & Russ Mayfield, ’90 Day Fiance’: Are They Still Together?


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Paola and Russ Mayfield are a married couple on 90 Day Fiance, but they aren’t always “happily married”. Paola felt confined in Oklahoma, so she decided to move to Miami, Florida, which left her husband in the lurch a bit. The couple decided to try a long-distance relationship for a little while and that’s what viewers are seeing on this season of the show. Paola is loving life in Miami and wants her husband to join her, but what she hasn’t told him is that an old friend of hers is also in the area. Paola’s friend and her husband do not get along well because her friend believes that Russ tries to tame or change Paola.

Previously, Paola was appearing in photo shoots that were too sexy for Russ’ taste, but she is eager to pursue modeling down in Miami. Currently, Paola is working as a fitness model and a trainer, which Blasting News says is supported by husband Russ, who stated:

She’s promoting herself through her workouts and also through her modeling to show all the hard work she has done for her body and I’m very proud of that. There is a point that I like to make sure she keeps it classy. I come from Oklahoma and I’ve got my conservative morals and values and I’m not going to change her and she is who she is and that’s what I love about her.

In addition, in an interview with FOX News, Paola dished:

I’m getting more into fitness and that requires to be a little bit more revealing, something that my husband is not that happy [about]. But he’s getting to the point [of] trying to understand my position that I’m not doing it just because I want to expose myself. [It’s not] like, ‘Look at me! I’m half naked.’ No, it’s because I actually, I motivate people to change their lifestyle.

Though Russ appears very supportive of his wife now, whether or not they are living together again yet has not been confirmed. However, the couple has recently vacationed together. But, a recent Instagram post leads us to believe that Russ and Paola are, indeed, living apart. In a post, Paola wrote:

Cutting toxic people out and minding your own business is KEY to living a happy stress free life.. #FBIandNERDonBOARD #imgoingtomisshim Strong love can overcome any difficulty #justsaying

Regardless of their living in different states, the two seem very happy and in love with each other. And clearly, the couple is still together.