Nike NBA Jerseys: Photos & Leaks of New 2017-18 Uniforms

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The NBA uniforms are getting a facelift for the upcoming season. Fans will notice two key changes when the NBA tips off in October.

Nike replaced Adidas as the official uniform provider. Secondly, teams are allowed to put sponsorship patches on their jerseys. Aside from the MLS, it is a move we have not seen in the majority of American professional sports.

Most NBA teams have released images of their new jerseys. For those that have not, Heavy has posted leaks from other sources. These are simply the rumored jerseys, and the official uniforms could look different.

The Pacers and Timberwolves are one of the few teams with redesigned jerseys. For most teams, fans will notice minimal difference aside from the signature swoosh logo at the corner of jerseys.

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Nike will use different materials than Adidas, and there were small tweaks made to several uniforms. The NBA will no longer use “Home” and “Road” designations for team uniforms. Instead, the home team will pick the jersey they want to wear, and the visiting team will counter by wearing either a lighter or darker uniform choice.

The Association Edition will replace the team’s home white uniforms while the Icon Edition will be the team’s primary color jersey. According to Nike, eight teams will wear Classic Edition jerseys which are similar to what fans would consider throwback jerseys.

Here’s a rundown of the new jerseys for all NBA teams.

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