NeoGAF Is Down: What Happened?

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The popular gaming forum NeoGAF is currently offline but there isn’t much reason as to why this is happening. As it turns out, it appears there was a mass exodus of moderators who made the decision to step down after allegations of sexual harassment came out against the site’s owner Tyler ‘Evilore’ Malka.

You can read those allegations here and you’ll see why the moderators are abandoning the site. A woman said a man she was friends with had gotten into the shower with her completely naked. He eventually did get out of the shower but the woman didn’t tell her boyfriend about what had happened out of fear. After friends asked her to name who did it, she told them to “Google Evilore.” A quick Google search will lead us to Tyler ‘Evilore’ Malka.

NeoGAF has long been a tight-knit community that didn’t just accept anyone. You had to wait a little while before posting instead of just starting up an account and posting right away like you can with most gaming forums. Applications oftentimes took upwards of a month to even be processed.

Whether NeoGAF can recover from this latest happening remains to be seen but it doesn’t look good. It has been reported by PCGamesN that at least 11 moderators have walked out on the site which is probably why we don’t see the site anymore. Without the trademark moderation, we don’t have much of a site to go to.

The site was popular that many gaming industry veterans posted there regularly. With more social media these days, the need for these sites has been waning but NeoGAF still remained popular despite that. We wouldn’t have known Cuphead would stay an Xbox One exclusive without NeoGAF.

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Interestingly enough, this isn’t even the first time Malka has faced sexual assault allegations. In 2012, he wrote about his encounter with a woman in Spain.

“I laughed because drinks here were all of two Euros,” he wrote, as seen in a screenshot “but consented and then grabbed her ass hard to show that I wasn’t being taken advantage of, and she thought better of treating me as a mark and left without taking her drinks.”

When the news first hit a few days ago about these allegations, some users began to feel uneasy about using the site after learning what the site’s owner had done.

At the time of this writing, if you go to the site you will be greeted with an error message. We have no timetable, if there even is one, on when the site will be coming back online. Until then, Gaffers will need to find somewhere else to go to discuss their video games.

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