Navar Beverly: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know



Navar Beverly.

Navar Beverly is accused of murdering his stepfather and then posting a grisly selfie with the man’s body on Twitter.

The bizarre slaying unfolded on July 8, when Beverly, 38, of Bowie, Maryland, is accused of murdering 65-year-old Ronald Pinkney in his garage.

In addition to the selfie, Beverly posted a series of odd rants on Twitter, many of them focused on Muslims, but one threatening, “WHO NEXT.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Beverly’s Stepfather Was Asphyxiated

When police arrived at the Maryland home, they discovered Pinkney dead at the scene.

According to Fox 5, Pinkney had been asphyxiated. An eyewitness alleged that Beverly “strangled … Pinkney in a chokehold until a witness intervened.”

“Investigators said they determined the suspect was Pikney’s stepson, identified as 38-year-old Navar Beverly, who fled the scene in a van,” reported the television station. He was captured after a foot chase.

2. Beverly’s Twitter Page Contains Bizarre Rants About the Quran & Other Topics

Beverly’s Twitter page is still up, but the selfie and photos in question have since been deleted. His page is filled with nonsensical and bizarre rants. A few examples:


“THIS WHAT YALL WANTED,” he wrote on July 8, the day of the murder. He wrote these tweets the day before the slaying:

navar beverly

A screenshot of Beverly’s Twitter page.

On July 7, he wrote, “WHO NEXT.” That same day, he posted photos of a U.S. post office branch and a gas station without explanation.

His profile picture is a photo of his driver’s license. On some posts he references Muslims and the Quran. On July 6, he wrote, “MUSLIMS IM GETTING TIRED I HAVE A DAUGHTER MOTHER WHO HAVE NO RESPECT GOVERMENT VIOLATE RIGHTS I READY TO TEAR STUFF UP.” On June 10, he wrote, “MUSLIMS WATCH IS DESIGN TO PROTECT MUSLIMS FREEDOM AND FIGHT AGAINST TERRORISM.”

3. Beverly Is Accused of Telling a Witness, ‘I Told You I Would Do It’

Charging documents in the case say that Beverly’s mother is the person who called 911.

She told the 911 operator that her son had killed her husband, the documents say. The documents say that a witness was also in the home at the time, although that person is not identified.

The witness told police that Beverly allegedly said, “I told you I would do it.” Beverly is accused of telling the witness that his stepfather was dead in the garage, which is where the body was found.

4. Police Discovered a Grisly Selfie on Twitter

After allegedly killing his stepfather, Beverly “posted pictures of his dead body to social media,” police told NBC Washington.

The television station reported that the images have since been taken off the Internet. According to UK Daily Mail, one of the selfies allegedly showed Beverly lying next to his stepfather’s body:

WUSA9 reported that “Police also discovered multiple photos of the victim’s dead body posted to social media. One of those pictures was a selfie.”

5. Beverly & Pinkney Had a History of Arguments

Beverly and his stepfather had long simmering conflict in their relationship.

“Detectives said their preliminary investigation revealed Beverly and Pinkney had a history of disputes, both verbal and physical,” Fox 5 reported.

Neighbors recalled Pinkney as a good person.

“I just talked to him last night right after he had mowed the lawn,” said Mike Gonzaludo to WUSA9. “He looked out for everybody. He would take everything if he saw trash, he would pick it up. Or if you were a stranger, he’d say hi. You know just make sure everyone was taken care of.”