Middle-earth: Shadow of War: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


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Middle-earth: Shadow of WarMonolith Productions, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Everyone was completely caught off guard (in a good way) when Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor launched in 2014.

Developer Monolith Productions’ surprise hit garnered plenty of praise and attention due to its innovative Nemesis System. As players navigated through Middle-earth in order to exact revenge upon Sauron, their actions in battle determined their enemies’ behavior upon future meetings. Talion, the game’s central character and powerful Ranger, would run into foes who recognized him from past battles. These vicious Orcs would seek revenge if they survived a previous skirmish with Talion or engage him in combat again after killing him during their initial encounter.

On October 10, Talion and the spirit that inhabits him (Celebrimbor) will continue their struggle against Sauron in the sequel Middle-earth: Shadow of War. To learn even more about the many gameplay adjustments and other features powering Shadow of War, check out this extensive facts guide.

1. Talion and Celebrimbor are Continuing the War Against Sauron With a New Ring of Power

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Like the last game, Shadow of War takes place between the events of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. During the closing moments of Shadow of Mordor, it’s learned that Talion and the elf lord spirit Celebrimbor have decided to forge a new Ring of Power in order to combat the evil Sauron. Celebrimbor relies on this plan since he believes the ring can be controlled and prevent him and his host from being consumed by evil. Talion agrees with his plan and sets out once again to bring an end to Sauron and his ever-increasing army.

2. The Nemesis System Returns and Plays a Huge Part in How You Attain Followers, Attract Nemesis’ and Influence/Increase Your Army

In order to put an end to Sauron’s plans, Talion must combat his army of Orcs and gain new allies in the form of “Followers.” Due to the advancements of the Nemesis System, these individuals’ actions will be guided by how players interacted with them beforehand. Your Followers can be upgraded by utilizing Mirian (Shadow of War’s in-game currency) to purchase new gear and boosts via Loot Chests, War Chests, XP Boosts and Bundles. These items can also be attained via the game’s microtransactions (Gold). Gold can be purchased via real money or awarded through certain in-game challenges.

Along with gaining new allies, players will also amass new enemies. As you take Talion through main story missions and side quests, you’ll come across powerful Orcs that belong to various tribes, raid Sauron’s many fortress and own them upon victory and engage in boss battles against his Nazgûl/Ringwraiths during boss battles. The multiplayer aspect of Shadow of War are Online Conquests, battles that focus on a player attacking other players’ fortresses. The “Friendly” mode within Online Conquests lets you hop into battle without the fear of losing anyone from your army. However, the Ranked rendition of this mode raises the stakes by making sure that any defeated members of your army are permanently lost.

If you happened to beat Shadow of Mordor and still have access to its save data, there’s something special in store for you within Shadow of War. You’ll be able to transfer your most loyal Follower and Nemesis from the first game into the sequel and continue your ever expanding story with them.

3. The Many Orcs You’ll Encounter are Tied to Several Different Tribes

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The Orc Followers and Nemesis’ you’ll gather are all tied to certain Tribes. These distinct groups have a certain look to them and behaviors that influence the actions of their Captains, Warchiefs and Overlords. The foes you’ll face off with that belong to each Tribe may use their affiliation to alter their overall surroundings/Fortresses and acquire certain strengths/weaknesses that make them harder/easier to defeat. It’s also possible to gain their power and have them better your forces if you bring any of them over to your army.

Refer to the list below to see which Tribes are featured and click on any of them to watch them in action:

– Mystic Tribe
– Dark Tribe
– Marauder Tribe
– Machine Tribe
– Terror Tribe
– Feral Tribe
– Warmonger Tribe
– Slaughter Tribe (DLC)
– Outlaw Tribe (DLC)

4. You Can Obtain the Game Via the Standard Edition, Silver Edition or Gold Edition

Middle-earth Shadow of War Editions

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While Shadow of War can be pre-ordered and obtained regularly, it can also be bought via two special editions – Silver or Gold. The Silver Edition’s pre-order bonuses comes in the form of two Nemesis Expansions (the Slaughter and Outlaw Tribes) and access to a Silver War Chest. The Gold Edition comes with a Gold War Chest, the aforementioned Nemesis Expansions and two story expansions (“The Blade of Galadriel” and “The Desolation of Mordor”).

Buy Middle-earth: Shadow of War here.

Buy the Silver Edition of Middle-earth: Shadow of War here.

Buy the Gold Edition of Middle-earth: Shadow of War here.

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5. The Collector’s Edition of This Game Comes in the Form of the “Mithril Edition”

Monolith Productions, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Shadow of War’s Collector’s Edition (which is currently a GameStop exclusive) has been christened the “Mithril Edition.” You can check out everything it offers by checking out the list posted below:

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Gold Edition with Exclusive Steelcase
– Premium Case with Magnetic Ring of Power
– Exclusive Mithril War Chest
– Official Game Music Soundtrack
– Limited Edition 12-inch Tar-Goroth Balrog vs. Carnan Drake Statue
– Cloth Map of Mordor
– Collection of Exclusive Lithographs
– Tribe Sticker Pack
– Collector’s Box

Buy the Mithril Edition of Middle-earth: Shadow of War here.

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