Megan Lowder Leaves ‘Big Brother’: Why Did She Quit the Show?


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Megan Lowder is one of this season’s houseguests on Big Brother 19, but a couple days ago, she decided to leave the show. Those who watch the live feed streaming may have caught the moment, but USA Today confirms Lowder has quit. If you’d like to check out how to watch the Big Brother live feed 24/7, check out the below link:

So, why did Lowder tap out so early in the game? Apparently, Lowder says the show triggered PTSD from a sexual assault she suffered. Lowder, 28, who served in the Navy, told The Desert Sun that:

When I was stationed in Norfolk, Virginia, I was sexually assaulted and I got really bad PTSD from it. So in the house … I had a lot of guys yelling at me and attacking me and it started really affecting me and making my anxiety severe and I was starting to get physically ill. I was throwing up, I had diarrhea, I was nauseous all the time.

On the show, Lowder was called a “bully” and a “snake” and, on Thursday’s episode, houseguest Josh Martinez was shown yelling at her. Arguing, bickering and drama is often a huge part of the show, so maybe it’s best that Lowder left early. Lowder further explained:

I was expecting to have one of the funnest summers of my life. I did have fun. I had a great time until all that just got the best of me. It was my own issues that lead to everything, it wasn’t anyone else’s fault. Without my stuff going on I probably could have handled things very, very differently and been fine but I just couldn’t.

Since leaving the show, Lowder has posted gratitude for fans who are supporting her and she’s posted a hotline phone number for those who suffer from sexual assault or PTSD. Lowder wrote, “If anyone is a victim of sexual assault and needs someone to talk to please call the nation sexual assault hotline: 8006564673.”