Little Debbie Tweet: Is ‘One Gotta Go’ For Real?


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Little Debbie tweeted a photo of four of their signature sweet goods, stating “ONE GOTTA GO FOREVER,” leaving fans of the iconic snacks in an absolutely hysterical frenzy.

The company asked Twitter fans to vote on which “one gotta go forever,” and then posted photos of four of their popular treats. Included are Christmas Tree Cakes, Oatmeal Cream Pies, Nutty Buddy and Honey Buns.

Following the uproar of fans across the globe, Little Debbie delivered some satisfying news. “None of the products we listed on the Twitter post are in danger of going away,” spokesman Micke Gloekler told TODAY. “Our Little Debbie social media team thought it would be fun to get in on the #OneGottaGo Twitter meme, which asks a fairly tough question…if you had to live without one of four things you really love, which would it be?”

How would you vote? Take the poll below!

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Regardless of your personal stance on the popular snacks, the Tweets coming back at Little Debbie are hilarious. Check out some of the best responses below:

“So help me if you take away my Christmas tree cakes, my life would be meaningless! Get rid of the honey buns! #OneGottaGo,” @_SingingBunny_tweeted.

“Bye Honey Buns,” @JediMike1128 responded, along with a “Bye Felicia” video.

One man took a very strong stance on what he would choose to do. “Christmas Tree Cakes are only available for like two months out of the year, so I don’t think people will miss them very much if they were gone forever (they’re basically just fancy Zebra Cakes anyway). #OneGottaGo,” @DevinTHudson wrote.

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