JFK Files Delayed & Conspiracy Theories Grow

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As people everywhere wait for the JFK files to be released, news emerged on Thursday afternoon that the files have actually been delayed. The deadline to release the files is today, but a required memo specifying what the CIA and other agencies would like to continue to keep secret has not yet been sent to President Donald Trump, NBC News reported. Before the files can be released by the National Archives, Trump must give his official approval. Now it looks like only some of the documents will be released, not everything.

Of course, this will only grow the conspiracy theories even more. Many are starting to wonder if all of this was just blown out of proportion and we won’t see much of anything today. Why are agencies delaying getting the required documents to the President? They certainly had enough notice that this deadline was coming up — 25 years to be exact. Americans are already reacting to the news online with little enthusiasm and a lot of eye rolling.

The delay will definitely be feeding conspiracy theories, that’s for sure.

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The best way to grow conspiracy theories is by delaying documents that could help end those theories. According to NBC News, the CIA was only asking for some redactions, but “other agencies involved in the process” hadn’t even finished their redaction request submissions yet. It’s not known if there’s any kind of fine or penalty for the delay.

Some have given up all hope of seeing anything useful:

As everyone refreshes the webpage where the JFK files will be posted, they’re growing increasingly annoyed at seeing nothing.

Officials said that it now looks like we might not get all of those remaining documents today after all. We may get some, but not all of them.

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Read more about the JFK files below:

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