Google Pixel 2 XL & Apple iPhone 8 Plus Comparison Chart

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The Google Pixel 2 XL is set to be released this Thursday, October 19. Last-minute buyers might be wondering how Google’s phone compares to Apple’s most recent release, the iPhone 8 Plus.

Here are the specs at a glance:

Google Pixel 2 XLApple iPhone 8
ColorsClearly White, Just BlackGold, Silver,
Space Gray
Battery Life26.7 Hours21 Hours
Screen6.0″ pOLED Screen5.5″ Retina HD Display
Storage Capacity64GB/128GB64GB/256GB
Camera (Front) 8 MP7 MP
Camera (Rear)12.2 MP12 MP
Screen Resolution2880 x 14401334 x 750
Operating SystemAndroidiOS
Weight6.2 ounces7.13 ounces
Water Resistant?YesYes

Reviews mention that the Google Pixel 2 may be the best Android phone on the market right now, but that makes it hard to compare it to any iPhone. iPhone users tend to be more loyal to Apple than Android users do to any one phone manufacturer.

If you look at just the stats above, the Pixel seems to be much better than the iPhone 8 Plus in terms of battery life, camera, screen resolution and price. Of course, not all the differences between the phones can be captured in a spec sheet.

The battery life seems to be the most astounding difference between the two phones on paper, but spec sheets often say one thing while actually using the phone will say another. The iPhone could suffer from the battery life issues that have come to iOS devices after the update to iOS 11, and the Pixel’s battery probably doesn’t last over a day when people are actually using the phone.

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Both of the phones have implemented water-resistant features, which is the standard for smartphones releasing this year. There are also glitches and other issues that may come to light once the Google Pixel 2 XL is in the hands of the people who pre-ordered it.

Neither of the phones have a headphone jack, but both come with adapters to use headphones that you already own. The Google Pixel 2 XL has already been criticized for its strong screen bezels, while Apple has not faced the same criticisms for its iPhone 8 Plus.

Of course, the phones are marketed to different groups of consumers, and what you choose to go with should be what’s right for you and not just what’s better looking according to the specs.

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