Fort Bragg Explosion Leaves Several Soldiers Injured


Fort Bragg explosionGetty

An explosion at Fort Bragg military base in North Carolina has left over a dozen people injured.

The incident occurred on a firing range this morning, though it’s unclear what caused the explosion. According to WRAL, 15 soldiers were injured, but their current conditions are unclear. All 15 soldiers were taken by helicopter to a nearby hospital.

“The soldiers were all members of the U.S. Army Special Operations Command, known as USASOC.”

The explosion occurred on a firing range during this morning’s training.

“Details right now are a little bit sketchy, but we have learned that this explosion occurred, we believe, on range #76 at Fort Bragg. It was during training by members of the U.S. Army special operations command,” said WRAL’s Gilbert Baez.

Fort Bragg is located near Fayetteville, North Carolina, and has been home to the United States Airborne since 1946. The 82nd Airborne Division was first assigned here after returning from Europe.