Fire Emblem Heroes: New Heroes & Weapon Refinery Coming

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Fire Emblem Heroes. (Nintendo)

A new update video for Fire Emblem Heroes was released, showing off new heroes, features, and other improvements.

The last Feh Channel update gave us news of Brave Hero versions of Ike, Lucina, Lyn, and Roy, who were the top voted heroes during the Choose Your Legends event back in January 2017. Now we’re getting new ones who didn’t quite make it to the top of the list but were still popular heroes.

The new heroes are Joshua the Tempest King; Mia, Lady of Blades; Lute, the Prodigy; Dorcas, the Serene Warrior.

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Weapon Refinery will let you upgrade weapons to give you passive bonuses to stats. You can choose between four to five different weapon versions that increase stats by different amounts. You’ll have to spend Arena Medals from arena battles and Refining Stones from arena, quests, and other ways. Certain weapons will grant different abilities, and you’ll have to use Divine Dew to upgrade them. Divine Dew is collected by using refining stones and arena metals. Killing weapons can be upgraded to Slaying weapons.

There will be a new Legendary Hero Summoning Event, with players able to acquire 11 different heroes including some special heroes like Bridal Cordelia and Spring Xander. There will be an 8 percent focus appearance rate as opposed to the usual 3 percent. The summoning focus begins November 27th.

New story content is coming and was announced with an epic new trailer. Book II continues the story mode from where the original story and extra chapters left off and involves the Ice Princess Fjorm and the Fire Ruler Surtr fighting each other. The new chapters will be available soon. Turns out Fjorm is a guaranteed five star hero if you complete a certain part of the story.

The presentation also hinted at a new Choose Your Legends event.

Stave users are getting a huge boost. Five star stave users can learn enhanced versions of the same skills they have. For instance, Sakura can learn learn Fear+ and Physic+.

18 special skills will receive a reduced cooldown. Barracks have also been expanded by 100 for everyone for free. You’ll use less stamina for main story and paralogue maps. Stamina cost for those maps is capped at 10.

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