Danielle Mullins, ’90 Day Fiance’: Will Mohamed JBali Be Deported?


Danielle Mullins met Mohamed JBali online and the two began dating. Eventually, JBali moved to the USA and married Mullins, but he was hesitant to show affection towards Mullins. JBali blamed it on the customs of his culture, but some viewers questioned his motives for marrying Mullins. As Mullins was hiding financial issues, more and more problems plagued the couple and JBali left Mullins. Mullins and her family voiced that they felt JBali used her just to get his green card, so Mullins decided to file for an annulment. With an annulment, as opposed to a divorce, JBali has a much higher chance of being deported. So, once JBali found this out, he tried to reason with Mullins and she withdrew the annulment. Unfortunately, JBali, who promised to remain friends with Mullins, moved away and stopped communicating with her. This infuriated Mullins and now it looks like the couple’s break up may cause major issues for JBali this season on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After. In fact, Mullins has said that it’s a goal of hers, to make sure that JBali gets deported. Mullins says on the show:

I want to get him deported. It’s been months since I’ve seen him, and I am starting to move on from him. I’m going back to college, and I’m looking for a nicer home for me and my daughters, and I even have a new boyfriend.

Mullins says that she’s in another long-distance relationship with someone who is about six hours away from where she lives. In an episode of the show, Mullins also talked about how she’s tracking her ex JBali down after he disappeared from her life again. Mullins explains:

I’m moving on from Mohamed, but I want to show him he can’t treat someone like this and expect to get away with it. After I saw him in Miami, he disappeared. I’ve been trying to track him down for a while and I finally found him. He’s going to have a visitor soon, and I’m finally going to get some payback.

JBali and Mullins were granted a divorce in March 2017 and JBali was alerted that their split could result in him being deported. But, for now, JBali still remains in the United States, as Mullins dishes to Radar Online:

He has not been deported, it takes years before someone is deported … I’m submitting evidence to immigration because I feel he used me for a green card. I’m going to do what I can to get him deported.

While JBali appears on 90 Day Fiance, eager to remain in the United States, he has voiced to Radar Online that he wants to return to his home country of Tunisia. Following his divorce judgment with Mullins, JBali stated:

I’m going to cancel the green card and go back to my country as quickly as possible. It’s my decision to leave. If there were no TV show my marriage could be much better.

JBali has disappeared from social media amidst all the craziness and his Twitter profile’s tagline reads, “Liars have no place in my life.” As for Mullins, she has made her Instagram account private.