Charlottesville Helicopter Crash Deaths: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know



A state police helicopter crashed, killing two people, just hours after violence in Charlottesville, as the death and injury toll in a bloody day grew.

“Virginia State Police confirmed there were two fatalities on board the helicopter and no one on the ground was hurt,” The Arkansas Journal reported.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Chopper Crashed Near a Golf Course

According to The Daily Progress, the helicopter “crashed into a wooded area near a home close to Birdwood Golf Course on Old Farm Road in Albemarle County.”

2. It Wasn’t Yet Clear What the Helicopter Was Doing

Although some on social media blamed the protests for the deaths of the people on the helicopter, it was not yet confirmed whether the helicopter was responding to the riots or protests in anyway.

“State police would not say if the helicopter had been involved in monitoring the clashes between alt-right demonstrators and counter protesters ahead of the scheduled Unite the Right rally downtown,” Daily Progress reported.

3. The Cause of the Fatal Clear Is Not Yet Known

Daily Progress reports that the cause of the helicopter crash is not yet clear.

4. Photos & Videos Showed Smoke Emerging From the Crash Scene

Photos and videos captured some of the emotion at the scene as well as plumes of smoke rising from the site where the chopper went down.

5. At Least One Death & 34 Injuries Were Reported in Charlottesville in Addition to the Helicopter Victims

The double fatality crash came after another death was reported and 34 people were injured in a day of clashes in Charlottesville between white nationalists and counter protesters.

In the most dramatic incident, a car rammed into a crowd of counter-protesters. President Donald Trump condemned the violence on “many sides,” a comment that is drawing strong criticism from those who believe he should have singled out white nationalists for condmendation and referred to the car ramming attack as domestic terrorism. The car ramming suspect has not yet been identified but is a male who is in custody.

The white nationalists had descended on Charlottesville with torches, chants, and Nazi salutes because they are upset by the vote to remove a Robert E. Lee statue from Charlottesville’s downtown area.

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