Brienne on ‘Game of Thrones’: A Storyline Recap from Season 6 [VIDEOS]



Brienne on Game of Thrones.

Brienne is probably the only reason that Sansa survived when she and Theon escaped Winterfell at the beginning of Season 6. Brienne has had quite an eventful season and will likely play a major role in Season 7. In case you’ve forgotten some details about Brienne, here’s a look back on her storyline in Game of Thrones Season 6.

The season began with Brienne rescuing Sansa and Theon after they escaped Winterfell. She takes Sansa to Jon Snow at Castle Black.

At this point, fans went absolutely crazy about the interactions between Brienne and Tormund during Season 6, especially when they first met in Episode 4. More accurately, Tormund was head over heels for Brienne, while Brienne didn’t know what to think about all that.

She later shares with everyone that she killed Stannis after he admitted that he murdered Renly. Jon gets a letter from Ramsay demanding Sansa is returned, so Brienne accompanies Sansa to a secret meeting with Petyr Baelish in Mole’s Town. They have some heated words, and Petyr offers to help them win their battle, but she refuses.

Later, Sansa sends Brienne off to find Brynden Tully and recruit him to help fight the Boltons. When Brienne gets to Riverrun, she finds out that the Lannisters and Freys have the castle under siege.

When she meets with Jamie, fans gained renewed hope about Brienne and Jamie finding a happy ending. (But at this point, it really seems like Jamie still has his heart set on Cersei. But Cersei’s actions at the end of Season 6 might put a stop to that.) Jamie agrees to let Brienne try to negotiate with Blackfish so he and his people can help Jon. She tells Jamie that if she doesn’t succeed, she’ll be honor-bound to fight him one day. And Jamie says he hopes that doesn’t happen.

During their conversation, Jamie let Brienne keep Oathkeeper. Oathkeeper was one of two Valyrian swords made from Ned’s sword, Ice. Jamie had originally given Oathkeeper to Brienne with the charge that she use it to get Sansa somewhere safe and far from Cersei. (Brienne named the sword Oathkeeper.) She did just that, and later offered to give the sword back to Jamie. But he refused.

Here’s a clip from her and Jamie’s reunion:

Blackfish won’t surrender, so he puts Brienne and Podrick on a rowboat to escape. She and Jamie wave at each other as she floats away.